WWPD Italian Campaign – Schwere Panzerjäger Abteilung 653

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So with the WWPD Italian campaign coming up and the new Italy books in hand I was really excited to take part. I had missed out on the Normandy Campaign as I didn’t have a suitable army and I was determined not to miss out this time, but having spent the last 9 months focusing on Soviets I had zero forces suitable for the campaign.

When I finally got my hands on Fortress Italy I looked through the book and fell I love with the Hermann Goering Division, they had something in their history that applied to me, maybe its just that I do love elite units. But I was worried they wouldn’t quite be quick enough to paint up for the campaign. So I came up with plan B, do an Elefant company first (who doesn’t like heavy tanks after all!) and then turning it in a Hermann Goering tank company once the Elefant list was done. With this in mind I wrote two lists with the same core models.

The goal for the Elefant list was to make a list as small as possible which was also not pants, we had decided to play 1750pts for the campaign so I at least had some points to play with for the massive cost of the Elefants! So with this in mind my first question was four platoons or six platoons. This basically boils down to two platoons of 2 Elefants or three platoons of one. My gut feeling is you need six platoons and I struggled to make a four platoon list I was happy with so I decided on the six platoon option.

At this point I did try to see if I could get a 1IC and 2IC Elefant so that on half on half off missions I could have four Elefants on the board and another platoon, but again I struggled to make a list I was happy with (300pts a tank is quite crippling!). So I finally coincided defeat and went the company commander and three platoons of one Elefant.

(4x Elefants 1200pts, 550pts left) 

Figuring I had anti tank options covered I wanted to add a unit that could assault. This is also where having to make the models work for two lists came in and I went for platoon of Hermann Goering Panzers. I first thought about two Panzer III N’s and two M’s but I had a few points left over at the end and upgraded the Panzer III M’s to Panzer IV H’s. This platoon is the Swiss army knife of the list, great at assaulting thanks to Schurzen, direct fire smoke with the Panzer III N’s and with the Panzer IV’s they have a good chance of being back up tank hunters.

(2x Panzer IV H’s and 2x Panzer III N’s 320pts, 230pts left)

Next on the list was some recon, this is important as with such a small model count and the Elefant having a far lower side armour compared to front armour means you need to keep ambushes off your flanks. Also with such a low model count you need to make every shot count so lifting gone to ground is very important. The two recon options are both Hermann Goering recon, either Sd Kfz 223/222’s or 8-rads. I decided against the 8-Rads as the Sd Kfz 223/222’s having 3 models means the no ambush zone is pushed out further and you have more rolls to lift gone to ground.

(1x Sd Kfz 223 2x Sd Kfz 222 105pts, 125pts left)

Finally the last thing the list needs is some smoke. I have a little smoke with two Panzer III N’s but a big
smoke template is needed. So for me there is only one option, the cheap and effective nebs. I don’t think I need to go into too much detail with these as they are well documented as a great cheap smoke and pinning source. I have given them trucks just in case I defend in a mobile battle. Don’t like the idea of having to have these and one other unit, it just gives me tactical flexibility for only 5pts!

(3x Nebs + Transports 110pts, 15pts left….. nothing to buy with it…. oh well.)

So there you are a 1750pts army with for only 16 models in it! (well with out the trucks but I don’t think they’ll ever see the board anyway!) I’m not sure it’s a great list, as the Elefants are going to struggle to be effective if there is a lack of tanks on the board for them to shot at. I also have to be very careful as I can’t afford to lose too many models too soon as I’m going to be massively out numbered in most games as it is. But the list does tick all the boxes I wanted it to, as in it’s a low model count, a list for the Italy campaign and most importantly I finished it on time! It should also be a fun army to play and is something completely different from my Soviet hordes I have been playing recently.

I have thought about playing a few 1650pts as thats popular at the moment and I like the lower points value, if I was to drop the list down to 1650pts I would look at either dropping an Elefant or the Panzer platoon for Armoured Grenadiers, probably an Elefant.

Now I just need to get a few Italy game in and I can’t wait!

As always thanks for reading and until next time


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  1. Great looking little army. What a good idea to use the heavy tanks to bulk up the force initially. It takes the pressure off of you as you put together and paint the other models. I'm looking forward to seeing some AARs to hear how they are working.

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