WWPD Italian Campaign – New Zealand Rifle Company

Instead of a fully comprehensive review of the books this time we’re bringing you some sample lists from the books, hopefully they’ll inform and inspire you with these books.

New Zealand rifle company.
So how am going to approach my Italy list?
Well some considerations before I begin.
1) I like infantry lists which are mobile and can attack (so armoured transport and tanks)
2) I like combined arms (so recon, smoke, arty)
3) I want uniquely Italy book units (looking at you sherman 2a’s!)

I’ve always liked the Kiwi rules, it’s nice having advantages as well as disadvantages (4*2 and 1000 men limit) so I’m going with them. You also get some nice options with Maori rules – and let’s not forget the All Blacks are the second best rugby team in the world!

So HQ (really cheap due to national rules!) and then 2 rifle platoons. Off the cuff two different ways to upgrade units, I’m thinking sticky bombs, they may kill me but should deter tanks a bit more than a lone Piat! Also Sherman roo’s! FA6 is nice – and 50cal AAMg’s – also nice compared to just 50cal Mg’s in MG.

Ok let’s go for some recon – UC’s work brilliantly, and a favourite unit some wasps; the more I take these guys the more I love them.

Let’s also look at smoke/arty and make the most of the NZ rules, so 4 25pdrs, they can smoke, they can also use funky artillery rules! I toyed with the idea of having a breaching group instead of these guys ( same points) but I’m thinking I’d prefer the auto attack option than being forced to take it.

Ok let’s go with some Italy unique units, the one that I instantly like is the Sherman 2A, it’s FA7, AT12 and SiF (no smoke) whilst they may not deal with panthers well, the improved AT at long range should be far better vs pz4’s/t34’s. 

Obviously the shermans can’t damage panthers as I mentioned, so I’ve opted to take another interesting Italian option, air power with ‘Dixie’ this allows an AOP to help air range in and operate within 12 inches. With rockets that should deal with big cats etc nicely.

Next choice are some 6pdrs, these are essential in defence and when assaulting the shermans can tow them. Sadly due to needing an 8th platoon I’m going early rather than late.

Lastly I have 75points, I think I’ll take 2 mortars, that’s one smoke template,  or 4 in direct, and with the last 10 points add two 50 cals to the roos.

So the list:-

Rifle platoon 3 sections, Sticky Bombs, Roo’s 1 50cal
Rifle platoon 3 sections, Sticky Bombs, Roo’s 1 50cal
Carrier patrol
Wasp patrol
4 6pdrs (early)
4 25pdrs
4 76mm shermans
2 Mortars
Limited hurricane
AOP + Dixie 
So there you go, you’ll see them on the battlefields of Italy soon.

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  1. That's a solid looking list Adam, offers a lot on attack and defence, has more x-factor than it's British equivalent, really it's a lot like the All Blacks in comparison to any Northern Hemisphere rugby you care to name! 🙂

    Here's a good motto from our rainy islands for your army: Kaua e mate wheke mate ururoa / Don't die like an octopus, die like a hammer head shark. Basically means keep fighting to the very end (like the shark) and don't quit easily like an octopus.

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Article by: Mark Goddard