WWPD Italian Campaign – Fallschirmjäger

I’ve been looking forward to getting the new Italy books ever since they were announced and even more so when I discovered that the next global campaign run by WWPD would be Italy based.
I’d put my FJs to one side to focus on Soviets lists in Desperate Measures, but now its arrived it’s time to lightly dust off the FJs.

The number of options is certainly good, and now I can run an Italy list with with the LW German player’s essential PanzerFausts (don’t leave home without one).

If it wasn’t for the upcoming global campaign, I think I’d leave the FJs well alone and keep on playing with Soviet armour…as it is, I’ve got to make the best of the situation.

My Entire FJ Collection

Here’s my initial thoughts on a list…please leave comments below on any improvements you think could be made.

Taking the Green Devils, so core and weapons platoons pass morale checks on 2+

HQ w Fausts

2 Big platoons with Cmd Faust
Mortars for smoke and pinning (bearing in mind their short 32″ range)
2 Light guns
2 Nebs (for more smoke)
3 Flak 38
3 Marder IIIM
3 Marder II
3 Pak 40

The List
The bench

So, being able to take 2 lots of Marders is what I’ve been waiting for…I really like the amount of AT I can fit in this list.  In my very limited experience of Marders, I found them less survivable than Pak 40s, I think i’ll end up relying on storm trooper rolls to keep them from being shot up too much.

New Additions – Awesome model

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I can’t see them being a particularly competitive list, but they’ll see me through the campaign and who knows…perhaps I’ll finally learn how to use them.

If I do change the list at all, it’ll probably be to squeeze in a third infantry platoon.

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  1. That's a nice looking army. I think the key to your list is getting your infantry into the thick of the action and using your support as support. I've found out the hard way with my Brit Para's that if you sit back then your small gun platoons will get picked off easily. Make it impossible for your opponent to ignore those large, tough infantry platoons and it should take some heat off the less resilient platoons.
    Having played against Marders a few times, I'd say just think of them as gun teams that can move a bit easier! Their main defence is being hard to hit, so stay at range and cover, and don't try and have a mobile tank battle with them. Bit of a glass-hammer, but if you can remove enemy ranged AT then having two mobile platoons will be a big asset. Cheers, Paul.

    1. Doh, total typo on my behalf, don't worry I haven't been playing it as 'motivate' definately as 'morale' Remembering which platoons benefit…well that's a different matter. I make sure to clearly mark on my army list which platoon has it and which doesn't.

      Good spot, i'll edit it.

  2. +1 to what Private Snafu said.
    I don't like weedy platoons, sure you've hit the 9 platoons to ignore the losses, but they are so easy to kill you're going to bleed victory points. Any opponent will ignore the huge platoons, and kill everything else, and wait for you to fail your 2+ company check.

    Looking forward to getting some late war BFFJ's on the board too. Although 'real' FJ players use gliders…..

  3. Real nice looking Army and a great list.
    I have found 3 LARGE platoons of infantry in FJ armys work for me.
    FJ Marders are really great…not tanks but they can destroy tanks nicely.
    Smoke/pin with nebs or mortars is a really good addition to any FJ list I have used. I could say esential probably.
    HMGs great for making big platoons bigger.

  4. The core of my FJ lists is 2 full PLTs of FJs and an FJ Pioneer PLT. I then fit in my support around that. I've found that light guns are more than worth their points, as most opponents tend to underestimate them, until they find out they're AT9 FP3+. I tend to use them to support my main platoon by getting rid of lightly armored vehicles like SPAA, wasps, UCs, light tanks, half-tracks and other stuff that typically tries to weaken FJ PLTs.

  5. I'd probably try to lose platoons until the 3s are 4s 😉 3 Paks/marders ambush is considerably worse than with 4.

    As for the 2+ company morale, Von der Heydte has never succeeded the roll for mine FJs when required.

    1. VDH does seem to generate a lot of 1s doesn't he. Then again, I was playing a newbie last night and after seeing some of my rolls he said "I can see why they call you WinnerDave"….sigh.

      I can do 4 Pak40s no problem…I just find they tend to get in each others way. I can't do the marders very easily as that means painting another model and the chances of me getting the right shade….well 🙂 Only joking…actually it's something Ben keeps saying to me as well…perhaps I should listen.

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