Winner’s Recent Mad Behaviour

Mornin’ all, Winner Dave at your service.
Driving to work has given me more time for reflection, “Damn, I’m hot”, “Adam’s awful” and “I wish I’d had breakfast” are among some of my favourites.  I also end up thinking about painting…a lot!
Coupled to this I rarely manage to listen to the interviews Ben manages to do before we record, so I end up listening to them at the same time as you guys.  So, I sat down to do some painting (Soviet Infantry) and after listening to “News from the Front” I remembered there were a couple of interviews I needed to listen to.  As I was listening, diligently applying Black Grey to the boots of my infantry, I heard Evan say something along the lines of “I hate having to do the same thing over,” and that struck a chord with me.  Now I don’t know about you, but I got the feeling Evan may have experienced that scenario in a recent time frame to the interview and he needed to get that off his chest.
The Infamous FJs…just begging to be re-based

Like Evan, I hate having to do the same thing a second time and currently it seems this can be extended to I hate having to paint another couple of armies so I can play early war and mid war again. I wouldn’t mind if I already had armies for those periods and I was simply extending them or painting new armies as a slow burn project, but because I’d made them a necessity, it just felt like work.

I’d gotten myself into this situation because I’d sold my armies, firstly my mid-war tankovy, then the Japanese and also the Fallschirmjäger, which can be either mid or late.   Well, I was regretting it and on my long drives to work I was calling myself all manner of names under sun as I’d figuratively dug my own booby trap and stepped on it.

My fondest accomplishment – first time using modulation/filters/weathering blah blahs

Well, I’m pleased to say that Robin and Cid and shown mercy and I’ve got those armies back…all those figures that i’ve poured hours and hours of my life into are mine once again.  I can now partake in most tournaments, play my gaming buddies at most periods and once again enjoy painting without it being the necessity it had become.

With a few new additions and a cool list, the Japanese are back in the thick of Hungary!!!!

So there you go, if you were aware that i’d bought back my armies, you now know my reasons…expect to see the old fellas in AARs and being talked about on podcasts soon…cos there ain’t no way I’m selling them again…it just isn’t worth it.

Sorry, this wasn’t a very useful post, I guess I just needed to get that off my chest

Take it easy folks


5 thoughts on “Winner’s Recent Mad Behaviour

  1. Haha. I can't believe you sold them in the first place! Painting is so slow. It is nice to have some variety in armies to play with.

    You should do a post with some comparisons showing the evolution of your painting over the different projects.

    1. There's a moral here that goes along the lines of sell in haste repent at leisure…glad u got your armies back and yes a painting then n now blog would be good to see

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