Welsh Open 2013 AAR & Photo Dump

Hello All

The weekend just gone myself, Adam and Winner Dave together with 49 other gamers went to the Welsh Open at Firestorm Games in Cardiff. The tournament was Mid War 1550pts with 5 games.

This would be Adam and myself’s first MW tournament and Winner Dave’s Second. Overall this was a good showing for the Bournemouth gamers (or Frenchies as we are called on the UK tournament seen) with 5 of us making the top 20. We have a special AAR coming up in a post on Tuesday, but here are the results and a photo dump.

Best Sport – David Llewellyn
Best Painted – Sam Street 
Best Runners Up Painting – Pete Entwistle, Steve Charlton & Winner Dave
Best Terrain – Tim Harries 
Best Runners Up Terrain  – Ian Crosby, Colin Cavanagh & Alex Storch
FOW Community Award – Robin Spence 


1 Steve Charlton  
2 Jez Evans  
3 Kevin Perry  
4 Graham Willmott 
5 Paul Frith 

Selected Others

9 Matt Booth 
11 Ben Davy 
16 Adam Cox 
17 Robin Spence 
23 Laurence Donohole  
29 Toby McLeod 
42 Winner Dave 

A big thanks to Aled for running a great event and to Firestorm Games for being great hosts. Well Done to all the winners including our own Winner Dave getting a runners up spot on the Best Painted.

A full AAR can be heard on our Podcast.

The Prize Support was amazing, a big thank you to Battlefront and Firestorm Games
Winner Dave and Adam get ready to rumble!

Well thanks for reading


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Article by: Mark Goddard