Version 4 Battlefield in a Box Scenery (First Release)

Today, Jersey James looks at some re-released “Battlefield in a Box” desert terrain.  Hopefully there should be more to follow!

I’ve got Desert Forces that I’ve used in Early War and Mid War, as well as a Jordanian army I’m very pleased with for AIW, and my Soviet Afgantsy include some desert equipment; yet somehow I don’t have any desert scenery…

So when seven items (some re-released) and a new Battle Mat were in the first wave of releases for Version 4, I had to get them!

The first three items arrived the other day from my local games store Entoyment, near Poole, so it seemed a good opportunity for a review!

Desert Palms

With two area terrain bases and six palm bases this kit gives you line of sight blocking “tall” terrain which is vital for any desert table.

They are well protected in their box and everything is packaged really well.

This scenery needs a little assembly. First I shortened the support strut  on each truck to better fit the hole on the palm bases (which group the trees in 1-3s) and super glued the trunks in place before using pva glue to further secure the bond and provide strength to the joint.

The last thing you may want to do is push smooth down some of the leaves as they’re packaged safely in bunches and need a tiny adjustment to look palm like.


Small and Medium Desert Buildings

Again these are well protected and packaged so they’ll survive trips through the post on their way to you.

Each has a layer of card and plenty of bubble wrap looking after the buildings so that nothing can be chipped in the box.

The buildings themselves have nice features and let you stand infantry on tall terrain.

And there are spaces inside each building with removable roofs to allow you to hide teams in bullet proof cover.

Next up I’m looking forward to the Battle Mat, Desert Walls, Extra Large Desert Dune and Desert Escapements.

Eventually I’ll be after the rest of the buildings, scrub and oasis too!


2 thoughts on “Version 4 Battlefield in a Box Scenery (First Release)

  1. The stands that I received for the palms had indentions, not holes. At first, I thought it was a defect. I mean you couldn’t insert the palms at all. After speaking with customer support, they informed me that this is not a defect. They require drilling and recommend super gluing. Not too big of a deal but definitely not table-ready straight out of the box as they describe it.

    I also received the small and medium building. I really like the look of these and the access to the inside. Definitely will look good on my table. I also picked up the older Desert Building BB133 “Battlefield in a Box.” It has the same buildings as the new BB222 just a little darker but it comes with 4 fence sections. If you don’t mind the darker color, you’re getting more bang for your buck.

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