European Grand Tournament, Cardiff 2-3 Nov 19

If you are a true warrior, competition doesn’t scare you.  It makes you better.

Andrew Whitworth

Battlefront has now announced the date and venue for the European Grand Tournament (GT):  2-3 November at Firestorm Games, Cardiff, Wales.   With V4 has come new players to the community across the UK and Europe. Therefore we thought we would do a quick write up so that new (and seasoned) players know what to expect and what BF has planned.

Firstly this is an Official Battlefront event.  That means some much sought after trophies are on offer as well as a limited edition 2019 tournament objective for every entrant.  This year its Rommel inspecting the defenses of the Atlantic Wall.  

While its a Battlefront event they recently approached Breakthrough Assault and asked us to act as the TO for the weekend and referee.  Therefore I will be heading down to do this, hopefully with Eddie ‘Fez’ Turner.

The event is being held at Firestorm Games in Cardiff.  This is a massive gaming center with a great selection of terrain and loads of room.  It’s also close to the city center so there are lots of hotel/boarding options nearby (check out Air BnB, they have some good deals) as well as restaurants for the traditional Saturday night curry.  If you are flying in from further afield Bristol is a good option and has easy train access to Cardiff city center.

The actual gaming will be five games over the Saturday and Sunday.  The event will be using our expanded battleplan matrix meaning you could be playing any of the missions in the mission PDF here.  The eagle eyed will also see the mission Armoured Fury in there as well.  This is in the German D-Day book and has been fully tested for balance.  Due to it not being in the Missions PDF yet, laminated copies will be supplied on the day.

While players will select their stances as normal, rather than rolling on the table individually there will be one roll by the TO.  Eg if ‘2’ is announced whatever stance match up is produced will use number 2 on the table.  This will help to further reduce the chance of repeated missions and also allow rearguard to be planned for Saturday afternoon due to the fact that it tends to go on a bit longer.

The armies will be 100pts Late War including command cards, and once you have purchased a ticket, army lists should be sent to

As well as the gaming, Battlefront will be showing off previews of Team Yankee V2 including the new British Book (Challengers and Warriors yay!) as well as the British D-Day book.  These will be shown off from 16:00 during open play at the venue.  If you aren’t around the previews will also be around Saturday and Sunday to check out between games.

The event is always good fun and a chance to meet fellow players and normally has a wide range of other European nationalities playing as well.   If you are new to the hobby, don’t be put of by the phrase tournament, experience shows that games are played in a great spirit and everyone is hugely welcoming of new faces.

Tickets are available here and hopefully we shall see you there.

9 thoughts on “European Grand Tournament, Cardiff 2-3 Nov 19

  1. Hi,

    Is the tournament definitely still running? Firestorm games are still showing a lot of tickets unsold.

    I tried to email before; we can potentially host a small event in Bristol if Firestorm require a minimum number of players to make an event viable.

      1. You’re not wrong. But the total number of tickets sold is currently showing at seven, of which at least three (me plus two) are coming from Bristol and so haven’t made bookings. Anecdotally, I’ve heard that players from further afield in Europe have held off making bookings due to uncertainty around Brexit, or not, at the end of Oct.

        I agree that it definitely is an issue if some bookings are lost and have to be refunded. But if it turns out that there is a minimum event size, and if the event were cancelled much closer to the day, the impacts could be worse. I just thought we need clarity where possible.

    1. Can you please ask them to buy tickets? Atm it looks like there won’t be GT this year, and noone is buying any tickets because of that. 3 tickets more will make 10 players which look much better.

        1. BF is, but not other players. My friend from Ireland for example may come, but if at least 12 tickets are sold. Might be more like him. 7 doesn’t look like serious tournament (not to mention GT). Tbh I have time until 28th to cancel hotel. With 10 players I won’t risk my money and won’t come.

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