Type 2 Ka-Mi Platoon (JBX06) box set review from Battlefront Miniatures


Hi Chaps.  Today we have a review of the Type 2 Ka-Mi Platoon (JBX06) kit from Battlefront Miniatures.

This is a resin an metal mix kit from Battlefront and is 1:100th scale.  The box contains 5 models despite there only being 3 on the box picture.

As with most other tank kits the model is made up from a resin hull and turret with metal tracks, gun barrel and engine air intakes.  No hatches or crew with this one but the turret design is very narrow and I don’t think it would be practical to includes the usual options.


The casting on the model is very crisp including some great details such as the hull MG that’s hidden behind the bow and the propellers underneath.  Its a great looking model.  This is a tank that the Japanese bolted a bow and stern onto the hull to make an amphibious vehicle and you can see the outline of the original parts an the add on.

japanese_type2_003 japanese_type2_004

The metal parts are also well cast and nicely has the gun and turret MG cast as a single piece.


The models  fit together well.  There are the usual asymmetrical slots on the sides to locate the tracks plus a good sized tab for the gun barrel which makes adding them on very easy.  The only other part is the air intake which sits on the back hull.  This part is optional as the engine exhausts are cast on the hulls.  I have not added it to one model to help show the platoon commander.

japanese_type2_005 japanese_type2_008  japanese_type2_006

These are great looking models and I have to say I am quite surprised by the size of the models.  I didn’t really pick up the size of them from any pictures on the web site or in the books.  I’ve snapped a picture showing it next to a Zvezda Stuart to show this.


Might not be the best tank on the battlefield but it is a great model but worth getting for something a bit different for the collection or its an ideal model for beach landing.

Thanks for reading