Token Tray – A Review

Martin accessories and brings us a tray-mendous review 

I recently  came across a post on the Facebook FOW Swap shop group and was rather intrigued, being a bit of a gaming peripherals nerd after a quick exchange of messages I decided to invest a few of my hobby pennies
(yes, I did pay for these) and ordered a couple of token trays from Michał Maciejewski to see what they were like.

So here are my thoughts on them – Martin

Grey Tray – all images courtesy of 
Michał Maciejewski

These Token Trays are suitable for either Flames of War or Team Yankee and are compatible with the standard token sets from Battlefront and make a nice addition to the new style BF dice tins.

They are designed so the artillery template slots in as the top of the tray and forms a well-sealed unit, keeping all your tokens safe in transit and easy to locate when playing; no more hunting through the pile to find the anti-aircraft or Ranged In marker tokens!
An added benefit is you can easily spot if you haven’t picked them all up at the end of the game.

I’m forever losing odd tokens, leaving them in buildings or buried deep in woods to turn up months later. I recently found a missing one under the sofa in my games room that must have been there a couple of years!  If you have the older artillery template this is a little smaller (1.5mm) than the current one but does still work -just. A small increase in the size of the guide lugs would make that a lot more secure. There is even a place to rest your laser pointer or prop up any hidden Command Cards you might have during use (they don’t fit when sealed).

Loaded with standard token sets and a laser pointer

It has a nice solid feel and the frame has a good supporting structure underneath.  The tokens fit well and are easy to remove whilst all the slots have an open area where you can pop them out from behind if the tray is full. The spare slots are for if you have new v2 TY/WWIII token sets which have a couple of extra tokens compared to the generic FoW ones shown.

Link to the FoW Swap Shop page for those interested in more information