BSD Tokens, Smoke and Flame

Two years into playing Flames of War properly and I have seven different armies from seven different nations, which is awesome! Unfortunately I don’t always have the money to buy full sets of themed tokens, dice and objectives to go with them and so when Ben asked me to review a set of tokens, flame and smoke markers from BSD. I was pleased as it’d give me a chance to use and try a generic set.

Token Set

The tokens do exactly what they are meant to! They remind you what nice you may need to roll and the status of your troops. This set is blue meaning it stands out on the table, they’re chunkier than those sold by Battlefront without being too big.

The differences are aesthetic. If you want something to mark a bailed out tank whatever company you’re using, then they work. If you want a felt backed, company or nation specific glossy topped token to look pretty then these tokens may not be the best buy for you.

I quite enjoy reading collectors Facebook posts as they hunt for elusive dice and token tins for their collections and find them! In no way am I saying that anyone should give up getting their matching tokens but you might want a spare set for your new opponent, or at an event when you need loads of markers and this set I reviewed went straight into my hobby bag.

The smoke and flame markers are also nice. I often have cotton wool, explosion markers and lots of bulky kit in my hobby bag. This often means a lot of tidying up or picking bits of cotton wool off terrain where as these markers are small, pack away nicely and will quickly mark a burning wreck.

Flames Tokens

There is a big benefit to the smoke markers… they lean slightly (deliberately how they’re cut) which means you can highlight which way the wind is blowing if you needed to. You could put a token under each corner of your artillery template to mark the area of smoke and the wind and not have lots of chunky wool in the way.

Smoke Tokens

Again the differences come down to aesthetics and what you want on the table. The flame and smoke markers do their job and are a useful addition to my hobby bag of tools to take to a game.

Flaming Centurians

With Corrivalry on the horizon I’m looking to field a new army for the first time and I don’t have Battlefront tokens for them so I might be using these as an alternative.

Anyway, I’ve talked enough now so I shall let the pictures speak for themselves. Happy hobby everyone!


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