Thoughts On Using A Panzergrenadier Company

Ok sitting back having now played 9 games with my little panzergreadier list (and a few previously with the Lehr aufklarungs panzergreadier) I thought I’d share my reflections on using them.

Firstly I’d suggest in future ask yourself the simple why are you playing this list? That might sound an odd question but it’s important. As a mech player you have to set yourself up to defend vs tanks and attack infantry – As a tank player (especially the AA variety) you need to attack vs infantry and tanks, as an infantry player you need to defend, (occasionally attack I will admit) but the percentage is less than for Mech.

So you really need to ask the question, ‘what does mech bring me?’ Now for me it was the look, and when the army is all arrayed with its half tracks and you pull off the mounted assault it’s fantastic – the sad truth though is that in all the games with my list that happened once (with devastating effect!) in all the others the half tracks often were sent to the rear for the whole game!
I think that my list had huge flaws, but that’s fine, you can generalise out a bit. The biggest flaw was the expensive troops, there is no real reason to have assault rifle panzer Faust – though again I love the models! Looking at the other options for mech troops, Lehr stands out with the extra tank hunter bases, and even panzerschreks, but essentially you will always have small platoons unless you combat attach lots to them, and whilst Enjoy the war helped, you lose your effectiveness quickly as you take loses!

The same goes for the pak 40 half tracks, again good looking but regular ones would have helped with the defensive fire and being deployed in mobile battles, even the panthers may have been better with panzer 4/70, but only maybe. Again in the idea of saving points I return to having the half tracks? What do you want them for? Added mobility? Mounted assault coolness? Do you need two platoons mounted this way?

But it’s not all doom and gloom, other than the awesome look of the list, it’s easy just to scare infantry armies from moving by having lots and lots of MG’s – and the added mobility really helps when you need to go for objectives – I just think maybe a unit supporting tanks is better than an entire army of these madmen.

In the end I think the army is a great one for more casual games, but in the current meta at tournaments in the UK where there are lots of AA lists (I think in my last three LW tournaments it’s been 8 out of 11 lists I’ve fought are AA) The fact you are constantly on the defensive, limits their mobility and multiple MG’s. However they do look damn cool at the same time still!

Thanks for reading Coxer

5 thoughts on “Thoughts On Using A Panzergrenadier Company

  1. One of the things I love about the Panzers to the Meuse lists is the fact that you can take a tank company but have Panzer Grenadiers as a corp platoon. I think this makes a really balanced and effective fighting force.

  2. I agree with you. I've played probably 20 games this year with panzergrenadiers (mostly lehr). I've had over 50% win rate but they are tricky to use.

    The thing I have liked the least is having to defend so much with so many auto attack lists and night attack and things.

    Panzergrenadiers are so expensive that it is hard to cover all of your needs for both attack and defense.

    When it all works though it is a beautiful thing! Nothing like watching your opponent as your half tracks spit out 20+ stands of infantry ready to assault the next turn!

    1. Your article made me rethink my list for a tournament in September. Instead of pure panzergrenadiers I am going to take AA PttM lehr tanks with two platoons of panzergrenadiers. Safe is death. 13 medium tanks and 15 stands of panzergrenadiers. At least it will be interesting!

    2. Sensible choice! The problem with AA mech is that you still defend vs AA tanks, with pttm you can dice off still + a core panzergreadier platoon and one from support

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