The Road to Art of War Too – 3RTR – Part Two

Hello All,

It’s been a few weeks since the last update and despite painting up two months worth of models for the Arab-Israeli War painting challenge I found time to crack on with my Sherman army for Art of War Too.

I did really need to as I thought this post would be me explaining why I’m not doing a British armoured list any more and decided to use British infantry instead.  I did a “Robin” and ended up sending around 5 different sets of lists to Tim and Steve (once again sorry guys…); part of it was me trying to work out if I can use the list I’m running and part of it was I just didn’t think I would have time to paint it all, but all is well that ends well and I have made a big leap forward in getting the army painted.

I decided to focus on the core platoons and painted up two platoons of Shermans. I did do two extra Shermans that I didn’t need for the list so I can field them and whole platoons later if needed. This also covered another list I had been thinking of running at the Art of War in the form of a Confident Trained Canadian Sherman list.  I was wondering if it would have been a better option but decided against it as all I got was three extra Shermans and I wasn’t sure that by itself was worth losing the veteran skill level for.

I also found time to work on my Sherman Crabs and two AVRE’s and these would be done if I hadn’t run out of 78th Armoured decals… Still barring the missing decals and weathering they are done and that just leaves a platoon of Carriers in order to finish off the list.

My painting planner.

Now while this might seem like the end of the challenge it really isn’t. Even though the painting is done I still need to get a LOT of practice in with this army if I am to have any hope of being at least half decent with it. I have moved very far out of my comfort zone and if I don’t get at least 5 or 6 games in I feel I will still be learning basic lessons on the first day of the Art of War Too. I hope that in the next update I can give you can idea of how I’m doing, hopefully not too badly…

If anyone is looking to play a few games of Flames of War at the end of September I can’t recommend the Art of War enough. It’s up there with Nobby’s events (Corrivalry and Adolf Don’t Surf) as the best the UK tournament scene has to offer.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for Fez’s Art of War updates coming very soon.