The Panther – A New Prespective

I’m sitting here after 10 tournament games in 2015, and
however many practice games, and I’m coming to the same conclusion repeatedly –
panthers still have a place in a tournament list.

In all those games the Panthers have survived pretty much
intact in every mission – in only one have I lost two, and in 7 all three

I’ve faced hoards of infantry, hoards of tanks, elite
infantry, elite tanks – and whilst they are not always star performers they
offer something to the list most other tanks can’t.
So what is so good? Well the stats for a start! FA10 is
still powerful even in the time of jumbos and cat killer – you always have the
chance to survive a shot – especially at long range. Side of 5 also is
effective against fast tanks from Tetrachs to Chaffee’s. Top armour one is
still vulnerable – but so are most tanks…
newer panthers of mine
The firepower is also still powerful, AT14 really is
powerful – against anything lower than FA9 I feel fairly confident when opening
up – even at range. Add to that two MG’s in defensive fire the extra dice
Lastly the mobility, wide tracks and standard tank
movement is a great combo, I don’t mind woods (still not going there out of
choice!) but it’s a perfect pairing to keep you on the move.
What about weakness’s? Well firstly your Panther should
not act in isolation – there are limits to its effectiveness – specifically
assaults – you’re expensive (even RT panthers are not cheap) and you don’t have
schurzen – know your limits – that’s not to say never assault – but just
consider alternatives first.
The other big vulnerability is air/artillery – as
mentioned TA1 is not bad/not great so having some help with keeping the skies
clear is a big bonus.
older panthers of mine
So how does this play out in game terms? Well it depends
on the opposition firstly – if you’re facing your elite enemy tank lists, such
as US or brits, I have a tendency to play one of two ways, either sniper – you
crest a hill fire and then Stormtrooper away, or alternatively area denial –
hold a dominating place on the field, wait for the enemy to roll into range to
shoot you (hi Mr Easy 8) shoot you, then you return fire. Conversely against
tank hoards (like soviet 30+ tank lists) I focus these guys on the cheap light
tanks, smoke the SU’s so you only have a couple of shots incoming, and just
keep firing full RoF as much as you can – in both these case being at long
range is your friend, being hit on a 5+ with effective FA11 means you can take
the hits.
Against infantry it’s a different mix, I end up playing
them in two ways, one is hunting artillery – they can direct fire you, and you
can laugh, you can also get quite close as bazookas and PIAT’s fall off your
front armour. Or very strangely as a mobile reserve – against an infantry
player who has a fast unit to hate as your rear, I’d rather have my panzer 4’s
up front ready to assault, whilst the panthers stop stuarts, universal carriers
So can a primarily Panther list work – I think so… Not
easy but potentially this.
  •   TRAINED  
Panzer Kampfgruppe HQ (Trained)   p.69
Panther G
Assault Rifle Tank Escort
Panzer Platoon (Trained)   p.70
Panther G
Assault Rifle Tank Escort
Panzer Platoon (Trained)   p.70
Panther G
Assault Rifle Tank Escort
Panzer Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon (Trained)   p.71
Wirbelwind (Quad 2cm)
Ostwind (3.7cm)
Heavy Panzerspäh Platoon (Trained)   p.85
Sd Kfz 234/1 (2cm)
Sd Kfz 234/4 (PaK40)
Rocket Launcher Battery (Trained)   p.91
Cmd SMG team
Observer Rifle team
15cm NW41
Sd Kfz 11
Desperate Measures – German Late-War – Platoon Count: 6

So firstly I’ve gone trained – always a risk because of
arty, but gives you a ridiculous volume of firepower. So 7 panthers with riders
– I’m tempted to drop one platoon to 2, and get the 2IC, as it gives you more
tanks for an assault – speaking of which tank riders – just to help you hit
really hard in assault – and avoid assaulting woods/buildings!
Add onto that some choice support, nebs (smoke as always)
AA to take out AOP’s and enemy gun teams, 2 recce platoons, and of course Rudel
– if the enemy has no staff team he can not ToT you….

I like this list might need a run out – now who has a
spare Panther!

5 thoughts on “The Panther – A New Prespective

  1. I've been using them in my panzergrenadier list lately. I found I needed some high at and panthers were one of the only choices. They've performed alright so far. On defense keeping them operational is key as they are such a deterrent for tanks.

  2. When I first started playing FoW Panthers were my favorite tank. That change when I got introduce to the Jagdtiger but the Panther still have a place in my heart. I haven't used them in a while so I might use a similar list in my next game. I also never used tank escort before so it should make the game interesting … after I look up their rules.

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