The Fighting Irish – Shermans

Hello All

I have had a busy weekend painting and have finished off the Shermans for my Irish Guards I previewed in my last post. I have had the models for a fair few months and bar a Typhoon they were the last models I needed to paint for my Irish Guards army.

Sorry if the pictures are great I had a few problems with my camera set up tonight…

I was trying to do this army to be a accurate as possible (thanks to the FOW article on the Irish Guards
this was quite easy). As a whole this wasn’t hard to do, that was until
I did the Squadron makings on the side of the tanks. From what I have
read the Guards had the middle blacked out but the only decals I could
find had clear centres. So not wanting to fail at the first hurdle I
decided to paint the area behind were the decal was to be applied. This
worked quite well and I only had to touch up a couple of the black
areas. I then decided to double the pain and add a really small number
decal over the top of the squadron decal. But I think the end result was
worth it.

A quick word on the decals, they are all from Dom’s Decals.
He has a great range of WW2 unit marking and you get lots for your
money. The only problem with them (and it’s not really a problem) is
that all the decals come as one big decal so you need to cut them quite
close to reduce silvering.

The army as a whole. In the end I don’t think the individual Shermans are the best models I have every painted but I think the army as a whole looks good.

I have just a few last touches to put onto my Cromwells as I hope to have them up in a few days, so keep an eye out for them.

As always thanks for looking Ben.

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  1. Thanks Guys.

    @ Khairul – the weathering is a dry brush of Flat Brush, then a light dry brush of Green Brown followed by a really really light dry brush of Buff (all Vallejo Paints). I then water down some Flat Earth into a wash and with that cover any areas I'm not happy with or were there would be alot of mud.


  2. Thanks Scott and Kiwi.

    The decals weren't that much of a pain to put on, the problem was finding the numbers if they cam off the backing in the water! Note to self don't use white decals in a while bowl! It did help that I had used Airfix kits when I was a kid so I have a fair bit of experience with them.

  3. Late comment is late.

    I've just started my Irish Guards, and your Blog has been a great inspiration. I just have one question, which decal sheet did you use from Dom's for the troop numbers inside the squadron markings?

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