The Cat Killers – SU100’s

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I have never been one for fashion. but it would seem that I have picked up the new black in 8 SU-100’s.

Thanks to the Red Bear updates these guys are fantastic! With AT16, the new Cat Killer rule and a very good front armour, these are the ultimate tank hunters (providing they don’t get smoked or move!).

While I enjoyed paint these and I’m sure I will enjoy playing with them, it was a bittersweet experience as the new Battlefront Front plastic SU-100’s were announced at Flame Com!

The great tactical advantage I think you’ll see from using these is it means that you can take a horde of the cheap tanks which have a lower AT value to swarm infantry while the SU-100’s keep the enemy tanks honest.

Tank Teams
Name Mobility Front Side Top Equipment and Notes
  Weapon  Range ROF Anti-tank Firepower
SU-100 Slow Tank 9 5 1 Overloaded.
  100mm D-10S gun 40″/100cm 1 16 2+ Hull mounted.
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    1. Well in two games so far they have won me one game and were pointless in the other. Part of the reason for two platoons is normally if they are spread out you can smoke them all!


  1. I would question two of the stats in RED BEAR for the SU-100. The first is the AT rating of 16. I would rate it at 14, the same as the German 75L70 gun. All of the Soviet guns have an AT rating in the rules less than the allies. The 85mm in the SU85 and T34/85 have an AT of 12, the same as a US 76.2mm or 10 inch gun (M4 (76) and M10 GMC). The 76.2mm ZIS-3 and T34/76 F-34 gun have an AT rating of 9 compared to the US 75L41 rating of 10. The same with the 100mm gun. It was not as good as the German 88L71 in penetration, although its 2+ FP rating makes a difference. As far as range the T54/55 tank in the FOW 67 War rules, produced 10 years later (with the same gun) has a range of 32" not 40". Soviet optics were not that good in 1954. Why would they be better in 1944? Our local rule is the Range is 32", the AT factor 14, and the points cost and other stats unchanged. Can't kill a Tiger II or Jagdtiger/Elephant frontally, but everything else in the German arsenal still has to watch out.

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Article by: Mark Goddard