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Is there a ‘best’ rating?

One of the bits which I really love about FoW is the mixture of morals and skill ratings.

It really encompasses to me how different forces for whatever reason fight slightly differently, and also shows those ‘super heroes’ who increase stats to a 2+ (are there any who decrease it to a 6+? Shocking leadership or amazing ineptitude? – if Ben was a FoW character maybe…)

It also is of course nice and economical, allowing my Volksgrenadier models to be two different armies – confident vets and reluctant trained – which as any of you who play can imagine are very different armies to play with.

But is there any combination which is ‘the best’? I know that on paper fearless veterans are the best in each category – but you then take that real hit on model count – and lets not forget the dice will appear to roll 1’s and 2’s more frequently!

This is one of the interesting parts about moral, you not only have the level affect what your troops do, but also affect the way in which you think about utilising your troops.

For instance I normally know that my para’s backed up by the IC will assault an enemy tank platoon, there is a small chance if it going wrong – but when it does it’s a huge impact.

In the other hand, the idea that my reluctant troops would voluntarily make a tank terror test is highly amusing as unless it was a dire choice they’ll likely fail so I’ll set up contingencies!

If he was in FOW he’d have a 6+ Motivation!

You also have to adapt you’re army to the skill level. I’m certain everyone loves how vet infantry just stay dug in and don’t move – that’s because they can avoid being hit. On the other hand conscript infantry is still easy to hit at long range! I always remember a MW game where 10 conscript KV1’s charged my pioneers and all missed, before I destroyed them in return!

I personally theoretically love the reluctant veteran rating, you can ‘do’ things and with clever manoeuvres and placement of command you can mitigate the reluctant part, which gives you that points break.

But in practice I think often the most efficient is confident with a reroll – whether from a special rule like ‘guards’ or protected ammo etc.

But what about you, what ratings do you enjoy and why?

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  1. I've grown quite fond of Fearless Trained lately. You get enough numbers to overcome the limitations of being Trained, providing you play them aggressively. A big advantage is that all troop ratings shoot the same, so long as you can hit things you have a good chance early on of overwhelming a Veteran force with less bodies on the ground. I like Fearless too. I want my man-dollies to do what they're told, damnit! 🙂

  2. Also, if you were in flames of war you would pass morale checks on a 6+ too. You would also have the special rule 'flappable' which would do whatever the exact opposite of 'unflappable' is

  3. Confident Vet. Aside from silly fun games, I'll never leave home without it. Fearless Vet is lovely, but like you, I don't like being the German in the room, complaining about being outnumbered so often.

    @ Dr Alex – this made me spit out wine. Thanks!

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