Team Yankee World Champs

Paolo Paglianti is a familiar face on the international FOW circuit. He regularly plays at the European Team Champs (basically the FOW world champs) and travels far and wide to events. I even played him recently at Warfare in Farnborough last November (he kicked my bottom!). So when he approached us to give some coverage to his latest idea for an event we were only too happy to oblige.

He has a cunning plan

Paolo is veteran of tournament planning and execution, and both he and his fellow organiser Livio Tonazzo, wanted to try something even bigger to bring the community together. Therefore he has come up with the Team Yankee World Champs which will be held in Milan Italy May 27-28th. It is also worth noting that it also has a FOW MW event at 101pts with options for a weekend entry or just either the the Sat or Sunday. This is a perfect change for FOW players to practice for the ETC. It is also worth mentioning that players of the TY event should be getting the BF official obj as well.

Rather than regurgitate every aspect of the event, Paolo has produced a fantastic flyer which has all the information.

There you have it a first rate event for TY and FOW fans in the beautiful city of Milan if you can make it, then I thoroughly recommend coming along.

One thought on “Team Yankee World Champs

  1. I would love to come but one month ramp up is way too short.
    would have loved this announcement here half a year ago.
    Enjoy yourselves everyone!

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