Team Yankee V2: Winners and Losers

Well, the time has finally come, and the second version of the Team Yankee rulebook is finally here. There has been lots of speculation, hackles getting raised and keyboards smashed in anticipation. Having reviewed the pertinent parts of the new rulebook, I will endeavour to make an objective assessment of who wins and who loses in the new rules.

Note: I am not gonna put it in general terms, for example, NATO wins and WarPact loses, but try to asses specific units or unit types that benefit most from the rule changes. So without ado…..

Winner: Artillery

(and especially AMX and DANA)

Shhh, be very very quiet…..I’m hunting Milans

Man, I am soooooo glad artillery is back and effective now. I found it odd that artillery was so awful in V1, and no one used it when it is such an integral and important part of conventional warfare.

Doing away with the convoluted ranging in modifiers and adding repeat bombardment, ranging in additional batteries (something I recently started using in Flames of War to great effect), and retaining the -1 to range in from a specialist observer makes artillery absolutely lethal now and a must-have against any force that has any sizable amount of infantry.

Those complaining about Milan Spam, you have your answer. Of note, this adjustment makes DANAs and the AMX F1 must runs in forces that can take them. Milan Spam? Ok, I’ll just drop repeats on them hitting on 3s for the autoloader. They won’t last long…..

Winner: Large Units

(yes, WARPACT armour gets the nod here, but also Basij)

Yes, with the new morale modification, large units are now going to be a thing. Judging by the discussion on the Interwebs, it seemed MSU was the way to go with WARPACT armour. With “Last Stand” being the rule now, and applicable every turn, MSU becomes a liability.

A smart player  can wax 1-3 tanks and let the morale checks take care of the rest, and over time the MSU player will bleed VPs. So I think now you will see a return to larger War-Pact units. Of special note here is the Basij. Yes, they are hit on 3s and save on 4. But with a special spearhead move, a 6″ assault range, and a high-end unit size of nearly 40 stands I see them being a thing in V2. I mean, you run them across the table, good luck trying to get them to Last Stand before they get you.

Last one to the objective is an Infidel!

Winner: Tier 1 NATO MBTs

(M1, Chally, etc… I’m looking at you)

Ok, I’ve heard many a player say NATO MBTs are unplayable. UNPLAYABLE.

I thought it was false then, and doubly false now. Considering they are a pain to kill already, you now are going to have a heck of a time breaking them as well with the morale adjustment. Being able to remount (on 2s for the Abrams for example), which happens BEFORE last stand checks, is a big boon for them. Combined with arty being able to deal with ATGM spam and the 40% reserves rule, I can see MBTs benefiting in V2.

Herrrrrrrres Johnny!!!!

Loser: Any Unit of Two Teams

(Poor ITV, Luchs, Armored Cav…)

No one understands me, I’m a sad little ITV……

I know a lot of guys got all hot and bothered about this, and it is true that two-team units are now going to be a liability that can bleed VPs in a game. Kill one, and its Last Stand time.

Now, I know many don’t like this but consider this real-world assessment. Most two-team units in the game are recon or harassing elements. They’re not meant to engage in pitched combat. Even armoured cavalry is a screening force and not the main manoeuvre element.

So, while I know some grumble about the hit two-team units took, I agree with it.

Loser: NATO Infantry

(Especially Milan Spam!!!)

While NATO tanks get a boost, NATO infantry in my view took a hit. Not having the numbers to absorb hits before Last Stand, and with artillery becoming much more lethal (and even more so if DANAs are lurking….), NATO is going to be a bit more challenging to play.

And to be truthful, I think Milan Spam is history with the changes.

Drop enough arty on their heads, they have a choice: die or move. They move, they cant shoot. They can’t shoot, they’re not nearly as effective. Overall, NATO infantry players are going to have to adapt quickly to the rules changes.

It’s artillery! Run, you fools!!!!


Overall, I am very pleased with the V2 rules and not having to think too much or get confused between Flames Of War and Team Yankee.

This is a good improvement, and while some units took a hit while some benefitted, that is the nature of wargaming. Rules come out, players and armies evolve. So, get on out there, play, and see what works and what doesn’t in your forces under the new rules.

Until then, may your dice roll hot! VAB HOT!

9 thoughts on “Team Yankee V2: Winners and Losers

  1. Completely disagree, I think v2 avoids what needs to be fixed and moves historical units into fantasy. For example, prototype units that were never deployed in real formations, a total disregard on NATO analysis of the effect of artillery, aircraft rules that are just artillery part 2. This is just a tournament set of rules that panders to balance rather than real life.

    1. I will say what I always do about the real life vs fantasy argument:

      1. All Wargaming is fantasy. Period.

      2. Those wanting real life accuracy should go join. Doesn’t get more real life than that.

      In my view, Team Yankee or any other “historical” wargame misses the mark on reality in exchange for playability. Show me a game that’s “historical” and Ill punch so many holes in its accuracy as to render it a fantasy.

      1. Historical is the setting, you are mistaking realism and accuracy. Which granted can often be the same thing. But why base a game in a setting if you are not going to use it to base the mechanics on real life (at least a simplified versaion)

  2. You need Mandy artillery units against british milan spams. And there are other units like Spartans which are Not affected Boy this change. And of you take two or More artillery units, you are at the backhand against a tank spam.
    Further no real affect on msu- with firepower 2+ on many units winning a game with less then three unit losses should be very rare. So what is diffrent for a three tank MSU Volksarmee tank unit?


  3. Great article. One of the issues with the ITVs in the game each M113 Mech Battalion had a Echo Company of 12 ITVs, or three platoons of four. Mech Companies A-D has a section of two ITVs. ITV employment is not well documented. If you look at the Mech Company FM, you will not see the ITV platoons from Echo Company being attached to a Mech Company. Bottom lines is there should be an option for ITV platoons of four.

    The second issue is armored Cavalry was deployed in Sabre teams not organic sections. A Squadron formed five saber teams. As a minimum a tank section of two tanks, a scout section of M113Scout squad and ITV ….and often a mortar. Again a four vehicle tactical unit.

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