Team Yankee – Battlefront Shilkas

Well painting has continued at pace and my USSR and US armies are now complete. The final models being the USSR AA assets.

The  Skilka, a mainstay of the USSR AAA arsenal and a fearsome threat to even the mighty A10.

The Model


BF sell these in packs of 2, conveniently matching the platoon size options in the USSR list (ie no issues of just finding 1 blister!).  My models were well cast,with minimal flash or mould lines.  Clean up was quick and straight forward.  Also unlike some of the plastics, assembly was simple, just attach the tracks and cannon…job done.  However myself and several posters on the BF forum have had issues with the tracks not fitting correctly.  Basically the tracks are slightly too long for the model, mostly this just creates a very snug fit or at worst a quick sanding down, but i did lose a mud guard by applying too much pressure.  A shame as it did distract from how easy it was to put together.

I was a bit disappointed with the lack of decals (I used the ample spares from my BMPs), and also the lack of magnets.  Small things, but something I personally think should be included when buying from a market leader.




I did almost all the painting with an airbrush.  Following a black undercoat, Vallejo Russian Green was applied and then a Vallejo dark green wash.   I then hit the panels and raised areas  with a 3/1 mix of Russian Green and Iraqi sand.  This gave some rough modulation.  A Mig dark green filter then helped to tone it down and add definition.  A dark wash was then applied and wiped off the raised areas.  Lifecolour exhaust effect was added to the engine exhausts and barrels before i picked out some detail with boltgun metal.  Some Mig grime was streaked down the panels.  Finally the tracks and wheel rims were painted dark grey and had a black wash applied.


In Game.

What can I say, don’t leave home without 4 of these.  At 4 points for 4 and kicking out 24 FP5+ shots at 32 inches whats not to love?  Also ill save you the maths and tell you that 4 Shilkas is better that 4 Gophers in every scenario except engagements beyond 32 inches.  Also if you are fielding the new Hind Company its worth remembering that this is your only AA choice.


In Conclusion

These have been some of my favorite models in the range to paint, they have crisp detail and are easy to assemble and I know that they will be appearing in every game I play with my soviets.  A great investment.

2 thoughts on “Team Yankee – Battlefront Shilkas

  1. Odd, looking at the unit card pictures on the Battlefront website I could have sworn that the new Air Mobile battalion also had access to Strela-3 teams for AA (which also conveniently cover the over 32″ gap that the ZSU 23-4 falls flat in). Is this not the case?

  2. Possibly, my unit cards haven’t arrived yet but I have been told its only Shilkas by someone who has them. If they get the Gophers then that is great although with air mobile rule, you need to be mindful about the fact that they will likely end up in reserve if forced to defend.

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