Team Yankee – Hind Kit Preview

Hello All

After a small break last week we are back with another Team Yankee Monday post. Today we are going to take a very quick look at the new Hind plastic kit.

Battlefront very kindly sent over a picture of the sprue so lets have a look at it.

As Phil talked about in the podcasts we did with him, the model seems to be made with as few pieces as possible, it looks as if the hull and fins will go together very quickly. Having said that it’s still around 35 pieces if you use all the bits on the sprue. We lack an idea of scale but while Fez was at Essen he saw a soft resin version of the Hind which gives you an idea of scale (see here).

Now I just need my six Hinds to arrive and cue the Ride of the Valkyries music.


7 thoughts on “Team Yankee – Hind Kit Preview

  1. Scale consistent with how they've treated things in Tour of Duty. In 1/100th the Hind is going to take up a fair bit of table…..6 is going to be busy 🙂

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