Team Yankee – Frogfoot Review

Hi all Coxer here with another Team Yankee model review, this time it’s the Sukhoi SU-25 Frogfoot (and as there are multiple is it frogfeet or Frogfoots?)


The model was a real pleasure to put together, very few pieces and they were well cast as well, there was no significant flash, and no mold lines to obscure the details, the grooves were nicely defined, and that let the panel line run really smoothly. The only real problem was with the left wingtip which seems to be lacking the same level of detail as the right. I’ve looked at a few pictures as well of other SU 25’s and the level of accuracy (to my untrained eye) seems pretty sport on as well which is good.


You get a fair number of weapons options as well, I chose to put mine together as they are in the book because I liked the look of them. You’ll notice in the pictures a few are on small fight stands for ease of pictures, but they all have the tall flight stand as an option.


As for painting it, I did it in almost exactly the same way as I did with the hinds, with one major exception, that I used a Tan filter instead of a brown one, I wanted the slightly paler look due to the change in scale compared to the other units in the army = still unsure whether I actually like this effect or not!


In the game itself I think its a proper beast of a unit – though it is pricey with 21 for 6 – though with the way kill points are allocated for strike aircraft I think i’d always try to max out the unit.


With the weapons though Kh-25 missile really stands out with AT 27 there will not be many units which are going to survive that impact! alongside that are the rocket launcher and the 30mm anti helicopter gun.

Really love this little model and can’t wait for it to take to the skies on the table – till next time, Coxer

5 thoughts on “Team Yankee – Frogfoot Review

      1. I’ve just bought a box of these and i must say they are horrendous. No where near how yours look in the pictures. The front nose cone has a terrible misalignment. The detail becomes obscurred in places. And the shape of the engines dont seem the same at all. I wonder if the previews are prototypes off a different mould as i am thinking of sendi g mine back. This game is my first encounter with battlefront and these have not filled me with confidence. The bmp kit is very good. The t72 is disappointing as its nothing like the images used. I suspect they are t the actual models which is false advertising.

        1. If you’re models really are that bad then I would contact BF customer service. They’ve always been very reasonable with me and models I’m unhappy with the quality of in the past.

  1. Same experience here: the resin ‘production model’ Frogfeet are horrendous and nothing like the picture on the box. I gave mine away.
    I understand you have to sometimes use pictures of early prototypes on packaging, but the differences of not only the resins, but also the plastics are annoying, close to infuriating. ( Yes, T-72 but BMP as well: look at the front bottom glacis in all the pictures. Also materials suddenly change. Just bought a Hail arty truck which suddenly has resin instead of metal parts, which are all warped and damaged.
    Only good thing: BF replaces al faulty or missing items, no questions asked.

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