Tale of Two Winter Gamers – Month Two – 25th Panzergrenadierkompanie

Good morning everyone

So month 2 has been and gone, how has it all gone?

For those of you who need reminding here are the rules and here is the first months results.

Platoon 2

This month the aim was my second platoon and their transports, and some scenery. Due to Christmas and other real life events getting in the way I actually found very little painting time, but I managed to get the guys done.

Platoon Commander

They were pretty much the same as the last platoon, my one big difference is that I swapped the side of the faust on each squad, that way I should hopefully be able to tell at a glance which bases belongs to which platoon!

The transports themselves were done in the same way as last time, and again i’m happy with the results, I tried feathering the edges, but it all ended up looking mucky so started over again.


As for my terrain, well I bought the Cobblestone roads with craters. They’re well made, and though the colour is slightly different to my existing roads, it’s not enough to warrant any repainting.

Some serious firepower hit here!

My biggest issue is actually using them in games! The whole reason for roads is to allow smooth transport, so having these and the bogging test and slow going nature really means you have to place them carefully, so that they have an effect, but not so that they make the roads unplayable.

How do we get past this road block?

I’ve recently tried using them to break up every couple of normal road sections. Either that or in the middle of a village to really encourage infantry fighting. I’d be interested on others experiences though.

Not a snow pic but shows how I’ve used these roads in a game

The only final thought, is that due to reading about Nordwind, I’m altering my list slightly so that there will be Flammpanzers in it, and only 1 platoon of 3 Panthers.

Until next time

Dr Cox

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Article by: Mark Goddard