Tale of Four Gamers Month Three – Andy

Hi All,

Its the final day of the challenge and its pretty late but I did it. Well 99% done. I haven’t finished in style like Ben having painted loads extra too but I have done what I set out too do and finished an army in three months. For me thats unheard of! It’s been quite tough, especially right at the end and in some ways it has taken a little of the fun out of it, but overall its been good and at least now I can look forward to some gaming and adding more to the army.

First up are the two bofors sp’s from last month. These models are a real sod to put together and took ages. Now they’re done though I really like the way they look. They’re just missing a coat of varnish and some grass on the bases.

Next I had 7 comets to paint, two platoons of 3 and a company commander. In total contrast to the bofors the Comets were lovely to put together with very little clean up of the parts required. They’re missing their decals like the rest of the army and also I’ve just realised the spotlights haven’t been done… Oh well its far too late to do it now!
Here’s one of the platoons and the company commander…
…and the completed army altogether.
So what’s next? Well I think some Shermans and Fireflys to make this a market garden list will be in order, after that I’m not too sure. I guess I’ll have some fun gaming with them first and then see what I feel like!
Thanks for reading and be sure to check out Fez’s post soon!

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