Tale of Four Gamers Month Two – Ben

Hello All

I can’t believe we have finished the second month of the challenge already. For this month I painted the core of the army, the two infantry platoons with Ram Kangaroo transports and some Heavy Mortars. This gives me a 1250pts army to play some games (hoping to get an AAR or two in very soon).

I started off the month by painting the new plastic British infantry which you may have seen reviewed here. I won’t spend too much time talking about them here as I have already covered them in the other post. I will say painting tartan was surprisingly fun (not fun enough to do a whole platoon with tartan or anything silly like that mind). It didn’t take long to find a pattern I liked the look of, I ended up choosing dark blue as it matched the logo of the 51st Highland Division.

Once they were done I moved onto the Kangaroos. I was looking forward to these as I really want to use them in a few games (just seems wrong being able to time attack with them!). I based the markings from the Kangaroo at Bovington Tank Museum just swapping the number and the Bull unit icons position for personally aesthetic reasons.

I tried something different from my normally painting style and painted the inner section black, I hoped it would help create the idea of space for with the otherwise tightly packed crew models. I’m not 100% sure it worked, but I feel it’s a little late to go back change it now.

 Finally I painted I painted the Heavy Mortars. Now I need to be honest and come clean, I hadn’t planned on painting these yet, I had planned on painting normal mortars. I didn’t realize I had opened the wrong packed until I was painted the weapons… still always next month for them. Not much to say about the Heavy Mortars, I painted them the same way as my regular infantry and they were quite quick to paint (probably seemed that way as it’s own 20 guys instead of 70 odd!).

Next month I will round out my army with Archers, 6Pdrs and the Mortars I was meant to do this month.

The army so far

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to keep an eye out for Andy, Fez and Alex’s second month update.


2 thoughts on “Tale of Four Gamers Month Two – Ben

  1. Wow, you are a machine! That is 6 months of painting for me. How do you do it so fast? How long does an infantry platoon take you? They look very uniform. Nice work!

    1. Thanks Cameron, I have also painted two platoons of Japanese infantry this month (more on them later).

      I would say I now paint to a gaming standard I'm happy with, it's time vs effect or effort vs review. Also black lining was a god send.


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