Tale of Four Gamers Month Two – Alex

So another month done and another section of my army painted. I volunteered for the first slot as when Ben asked who wanted to go when I only had to stick some infantry onto some bases I had painted and do the final touches, should take me an hour or two, tops.
Or so I thought.
Anyway, I ran out of the textured paint I use to merge the plastic urban rubble bases I’m using with the infantry models, then discovered hobbycraft don’t stock it anymore and the two gaming shops I know of locally were both shut on the one day I could get in to town. The best laid plans and all that.
So, I appologise that the basing isn’t complete, I’m putting in a massive order of textured paint and will show off the whole army finally finished next month. Here’s what I’ve added this month:
The second motorcycle recce platoon:

I painted these guys in autumn pindot camo, as opposed to the first platoon who are in summer pindot camo. This makes it really easy to tell which platoon is which and also means with the additional stands which I haven’t shown you you get in the box like the SMG bikes, I can easily differentiate different troops, be they spotters or 1IC/2IC in future lists. It seems much less intrusive than a big red mark on the base.

Now after the second platoon of motorcycle recce, I hit a stumbling block in terms of reinforcements. I’m waiting to receive the plastic panther box, so can’t paint them and only have two of the three ostwinds and 3 of the 4 half tracks. I really don’t want to paint most of a platoon and then discover that I can’t recreate the exact paint shade for the last vehicle so haven’t started on the other platoons. 
That leaves me just over 300 points short for the Month. Rather than risk getting mocked I therefore have painted up the infantry to replace the motorcycle recce when they dismount. Now as I mentioned last month I have SS motorcycle teams and the plastic Heer grenadiers. This means my guys will have to have nice clean uniforms in their panniers. I’m sure at some point I will paint up some SS infantry to replace them, but having the grenadiers is useful regardless. 

Platoon 1

The platoon I almost sorted the basing on before running out of textured paint.
Then the partially based platoon two:
So by my reckoning I’ve done three platoons worth of motorcycle recce with fausts this month, which is way over 600 points.
Here’s what I’ve got so far:

I’m answer to the tanks being shiny, I have now used matt varnish on them and they are better but not quite right in the pictures. I’m not sure what it is yet but I think some of the problem is the rubbish light I have in my dining room for the photos. Tips on how to remove the shine on a postcard please..