Tale of Four Gamers month Three – Fez

Holy crap. Its the Midnight before Salute as I sit here writing this, (which is why I couldn’t go to the LW One dayer) and I have to get up in four hours to drive to the show – But at least I have my priorities right in getting this post done first, as I know I won’t be in a fit state tomorrow night!
But look, I made an army:


 Its done, its finally done…

Or is it?

To be honest, I’ve had to cut so many corners on this project I’m rather ashamed. If I added up the total time I’ve been able to spend on these models, it probably equates to three or four days work, all done at the last minute. I’ve realised that I need to lower my expectations of what I can fit into my life with hobby.

Nice, but no decals or details!

 The Panther Platoon was built and “painted” in a night (not the UHU’s, they took longer to build). although they are ‘table ready’ in real life they are rather bland. I’ve never really given myself enough time to see what I can really achieve with painting, so I’m looking forward to what I can do when I take my time.

Now on to the Panzersturm – these guys are my favourite. The models are just beautiful, and when coupled with the scenic bases, really make for a really great platoon.

I painted the models and bases separately, so still need to paint them in to fit.

I tried to make the figures interact with with bases, and I think I’ve not done too bad a job with it.

Ok, so its time to ‘fess up. The reason the halftracks look so different is that I didn’t paint them – they are from my old friend Ben ‘Wookie’ Macintyre’s old collection – before you get all het up and call ‘cheater’, I am still waiting on the new plastic 251’s with the IR equipment. And no, its not Battlefronts fault – I thought I had ordered them and hadn’t!!
As I’m going to take my time finishing these to a standard I’m really happy with, I’ll have another post written up for you guys to show you. I’m probably going to take these guys to Warfare Reading, so will certainly have them done by then… won’t I?

All in all, its been a real slog, but only because theres been to much else going on to sit down and start painting. When I finally got the PanzerSturm on the paint station, I remembered how much fun painting figures is, and I’m excited to keep going – that lead pile isn’t going to paint itself!

I’m forever impressed at the speed and quality that the other guys have had their posts and models done by, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading along, even if I haven’t always had the most progress to show!

Thanks for reading,


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    1. Cheers Paul, the timing of this challenge has been awful for me, so these aren't near the standard I would have liked. Things calm down in June (!) so will have them to a decent standard by then.

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