Tale of Four Gamers Month Three – Ben

Hello All

So the tale of four gamers is coming to an end and I have completed my objective of getting my British army painted. In-fact I have painted more than I needed to with extra Shermans, Stuarts, Comets and currently on my painting table a battery of Land Mattresses. Plus I’m hoping to get enough blisters of SAS for my birthday to run the new SAS list and I’m looking forward to the new plastic Cromwell when that hits the shelves.

You might be able to tell that although I have finished the challenge and I do feel the achievement of having done so, I also feel as though I’m just starting to get to the half way point with this army. Anyway back to the focus of this post, what I have painted to finish the painting challenge. This month I have painted up 4 Archers and 6 6 Pounders.

The archer was a love hate relationship for me, I love the way it looks and I’m determined to run it a few times as no one seems to rate it. But having said that the casting I got wasn’t great and needed a fair amount of work, also all the angles meant that the painted kept chipping. Having said all that I’m happy with the end result.

Next up is the 6Pdrs, I decided to make these with all the options I could so I only needed 4 but I painted up all 6 and added the special character Tom Stanley just in case I want to run him at come point in the future (maybe for Adams Firestorm Caen campaign weekend). I really enjoyed painting this unit, the 6Pdr has always been one of my favourite British units.

I have a busy April, May and June with my British. I have two one day tournaments on the 25th April and the 16th May which I’m running Canadian Armoured Recce for. I also have Adams for mentioned Caen campaign which could be either British Infantry or a Churchill company. To round off possible busy month or so I haven’t worked out what I’m using at the Welsh Open yet, British are on the cards as is a US list I’m toying with, you may remember that as part of my New Years Resolution I need to play in a 5 game campaign with all of the games AAR’d and then I need to take the British to a tournament, so if I do take the British to the Welsh expect a lot of AAR’s leading up to it.

Everything I have painted so far

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this series and I think we may look at doing another one in the future.

Look out for Andy’s and Fez’s posts later in the week.


6 thoughts on “Tale of Four Gamers Month Three – Ben

  1. Wow, you have a lot done for your British. Good work. Those archers look very interesting. Maybe you can work in some archer jokes while you are using them. "That's how you get ants!" When you ambush. Or "phrasing" when your opponents say something about them.

    1. Well the Archer tank is named after him… right?

      One a side note Archer is about my favourite TV show of all time, loved season 6.

  2. Been on the fence where Archers are concerned. Historically, I can totally see why they were used in favour of static 17pdrs, but ingame their rules make them so hard to use effectively.

    Lovely paint jobs on all – like others, I am impressed by your work output!

    1. I agree with you Dai, I would have given the Archer tip and run if it was me to make it a little more useful as an ambush weapon, but still they look cool and are cheap.


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