Take Cover Scenic – Field

Today Mark takes a look at the new Take Cover Scenics Field Complex which was kindly donated to our recent Team Yankee Firestorm Campaign weekend.


Some of our avid readers may remember that we did a review on the Take Cover Scenics Desert Roads a few months ago.  A lot of their scenery is based upon the use of flexible material to make attractive yet durable scenery for our gaming needs.

This field complex runs along the same lines being made of a rubber like base which can confirm to your board, for instance when placed on a slight incline.

The Product

The field complex is 9.5 by 10 inches which makes it a fairly hefty sized terrain piece.  As you can see in the images below its nicely in scale of 15mm and works well for both WW2 and Team Yankee (a lovely ambush area for my Storms…sounds of evil laughter).  The road running along the centre allows the field to link to the road system.  Now obviously this is slightly on the small side for a 1/100 field; you wouldn’t be able to plant many crops in there!  However it works well for gaming requirements, allowing a nice sized piece that will fit in well with your Normandy buildings and hedge lined roads.

The field comes in at £18.99 which, for a quality product which will take up a good part of your gaming board, isn’t really that bad.  Also its worth remembering these are all hand made and can also be changed slightly to your requests,  For instance, if you don’t want tank track ruts in the field you can ask for them not to be included.

Having played a few games with the field in the flesh it certainly feels sturdy and durable with no flock coming off during transit or use.

If you are on the look out for a way to spruce up your board its certainly worth a look here.