T-70 Company

Hello All

And welcome to the next update for my Soviet army, a company of T-70’s from the Plastic Soldier Company.

The Plastic Soldier T-70’s may be the second best kit of theirs I have put together after the Panthers (they are truly great!), the reduced components the details, I really can’t speak highly enough of the models!

If I’m honest I’m not sure these are the bext light tank option as the M3 Stuart seems better as it’s ROF 2, movement 16″ and has an extra Machine Gun. But these guys have a place in Mid War where points are tighter.

These were also a joy to paint and very quick to, I must say they may also been one of the coolest looking Soviet tanks. The only minor disappointment was I didn’t have enough Red Stars to do the company, which has become a bane of my Soviet collection.

Thanks for looking and until next time


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Article by: Mark Goddard