T-35 Horde!

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During a conversation with our good friend Army Dave at Art of War he brought up that he was thinking about doing a T-35 horde. We drunkenly wrote a list and then Dave asked “How long do you think it would take to paint?” 

My reply was not long, after all I have painted a lot of Soviets now, I pretty much have it down to a fine art. Well a couple of weeks later I have 9 T-35’s, 9 Kht-26’s and a plane arrive at my door step and a painting deadline to make!

The models are all Zvezda and man they are big! They are also every easy to put together. The main problems with them is the lack of detail on the sides and the mg’s. The Mg’s are very small and easy to break.

Also the detail on top is awesome and really makes the detail on the sides look a little ropy. They are easy to paint a quick dry brush, black line and then pick out detail and they were done. I did have to go back and add the slogans to make the sides seem less detailed and more interesting. 
Overall I’m happy with how they turned out and hopefully Army Dave will do better with them than my one run out with them….
Thanks for looking and until next time

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  1. They look good. I heard you discuss the pricing on these in the UK. Unfortunately in North America they are about triple the cost of the smaller tanks.

    That being said, time for me to go and paint my KV-1! (For some reason I have 6 KV1s and 2 KV2s from Zvezeda, I wish they could make a list…)

  2. @ Cameron – Really they are three times more in North America? That sucks when I can get them for £2.50 here!

    @ Wheelie and Kiwi – Thanks guys the decal did make a big difference.

  3. @Cameron…oh but they can.
    Eastern Front Mixed Tankovy – Choose the heavy tankovy company box and you take 7 KV1s and swap 2 for KV2s. Okay 5 and 2, but that's not bad.

    Obviously that's a Mid War list, but it's awesome. Fleshed out with some light tanks, Matildas and Recon…you're laughing.

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Article by: Mark Goddard