SU590 203mm Howitzer M1931 review

Hello all,

Fez here with a review of what may be my favourite gun team ever-the 203mm gun-o-awesome.


One of the enduring clips of the fighting in Berlin is one of these guns firing in the street, which has been turned into a rather cool gif on the BF page.

Two blisters with a lot of metal in them!

When I saw these would be an option in Berlin, I knew I needed to get one, even if at that point I didn’t know I would have a Soviet army!

Contents of one pack

Building these was simple enough, although make sure you take some time getting the chassis straight. Guns as big as these get lots of attention on the board, so deserve the effort!


Being so big posed a problem in another area, as the gun trail took up so much of the base that I could only mount a couple of crew models in the base holes left either side, with most of them covered by the gun.

The base/holes/space conundrum

As I’m not one to run big arty parks, these have only seen use in a direct fire role as part of a Hero Stermovy group, although it’s a lot of fun infiltrating these with Scouts. When used as the storm group, they loose the ability to bombard, but the building destroyer rules, bunker buster/breakthrough gun and 1+ Firepower and Volly Fire is a lot of fun! Being immobile means they need terrain to be concealed, but that isn’t normally a problem.


I’m looking forward to rebasing these for my urban theme Berlin force, and leading them with the Red Banner all the way to the Reichstag!



Thanks for reading Fez