Soviet T-34 Tanks

Hello All

I have to tell you all I have caught a bug, after I enjoyed painting and playing with the Early War Soviet army I did for Warfare I wanted more! So the next logical step was to buy 21 T-34’s!

These are from Plastic Soldier Company as I wanted the twin turrets (annoyingly the day I started painting them the Battlefront ones we’re announced!), bar the Battalion command tank which is the classic use of Kommissar Dedov.

I really enjoyed painting these and having learnt from my last attempted to build 20 PSC T-34 ended in misery as I hated building them and I could not work out a colour scheme I liked, a little pre planning went a long way.

I have converted 6 T-34 to T34/57’s using some spare gun barrels that I got from a friend.

The Decals from the T-35/85’s are all from the Plastic Soldier Company, I was pretty impressed by the sets I got, the only problem I found like most other companies sets is not enough Red Stars (this is really becoming the bane of my Soviet army!).

Next up are some T-70’s, SU-100’s and some recon so keep your eyes pealed.

Thanks for looking Ben

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  1. That's a lot of tanks! Paul of the Hobby Brush has the same problem with his, which is why we're both invested in Anarchy models' airbrush stencils – the small scale stars are perfect, and each one goes a long long way.

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Article by: Mark Goddard