Shoot and Scoot returns!

You lucky people!

Not only have Duncan, Fez and Lee recorded a new podcast, but we also managed to recover last month’s “lost” “episode 5” thanks to Fez’s forgotten back-up!

So, for the price* of one podcast you actually get two episodes of Flames of War and Team Yankee related talk as the chaps discuss what they gave been up to and the latest goings on in our hobby.  Also, in episode 6, we try a new section on reader’s questions.

Episode 5 Timestamps:

00:00 Intros and what we have been up to. Fez talks about T-34 and being done (listen and that will make sense), Duncan launches an interesting discussion on historical painting (05:00), Lee has been converting and Ben has been painting Romanians
18:00 Tornie Review – Ben, Fez and Duncan discuss their games at Entoyment’s LW Tournament
46:00 We discuss what we have planned for our events including Duncan’s then up-coming Crawley event and our more hobby oriented focus. Ben realizes he hasn’t bought his Warfare ticket and gets the last one on sale!
1:11:00 Flat Panzer Fact
1:12:00 Shoot and Scoot Check and outro

Episode 6 Timestamps:

00:00:00 – Introductions. But where’s Ben?
00:02:41 – Duncan tells us how his “Desert to Dnieper” mid war red on blue event went from a TO perspective whist Lee discusses it from a player perspective.
00:18:00 – Fez announces his “Flames of Fez” event coming in January 2019
00:19:45 – We discuss the Fate of a Nation games we played, starting with the Fez vs Lee game and…
00:29:00 – …the game vs Duncan where we got a sneak peak at how hard hitting artillery is going to become in Team Yankee!
00:37:45 – The chaps discuss the Czechs and Poles that recently came to TY. We discuss the impact of the RM-70 and Dana, the optimum T-72 model, and how much real estate a Dnaa takes up.
00:58:00 – Fez and Duncan discuss their upcoming Polish and Czech forces (respectively).
01:01:00 – We bring you our new feature “Readers Questions” (name is WIP) starting with Vincent’s question on “how to us the French in TY”
01:03:00 – …and his question asking if Afrika Korps is still viable
01:09:00 – Chris asks if the FOAN points are balanced or if the IDF are too expensive
01:14:25 – Roy asks what the Americans can do versus the new eastern front books
01:19:28 – Staffan asks our thoughts on the Soviets
01:20:00 – Hammy asks how do you deal with heavy tanks
01:23:00 – Mike asks “FN FAL or AK-47” which, really, is no choice at all…
01:24:45 – We look at what is coming up in the month. Warfare at Reading is the big one with both Fez (planning on trading on the FOW futures market) and Duncan heading to the show (Ben sadly had to pull out)
01:35:00 – Duncan and Fez’s Tiger challenge, featuring Tony the Tiger.
01:46:00 – Its time to shoot and scoot! But can the boys do it without ben to issue the command? Plus hello to our assigned Echelon officer!

Finally, we will be squeezing an extra episode in this month to discuss the new 1943 Eastern Front books “Red Banner” and “Ghost Panzers”, so stay tuned for that!

Grab your head phones, get listening, and be sure to leave your feedback below.

*wait. We do this for free? Then you definitely get what you pay for…

2 thoughts on “Shoot and Scoot returns!

  1. Appreciate the covering of Warfare. Nice to have a few non-armoured car German lists. Will be roughly a 55/45 split Axis vs Allies.

    FOW dead, Warfare numbers up on last year (our lowest) and fingers crossed will be up again next year, especially if the lads put down their spears (you know who you are ).

  2. Another thing to do is to get Polish Airborne, just use an allied Soviet Helicopter Formation and its still an elite ( ish ) infantry based. You can always basically make almost any soviet – warsaw pack force.

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