Shoot and Scoot Podcast – Episode 0

Welcome to the first episode of the Shoot and Scoot podcast!

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In episode 0, we join Ben, Duncan, Lee and Fez as they chat about Flames of War.

  • In part one, Ben, Duncan and Lee chat about their gaming backgrounds followed by a long chat about what makes good terrain.
  • In part two, Ben and Fez chat about Fez’s gaming background, stuff they have liked about Version 4, before a few thoughts about the future of Late War.

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Thanks for listening

Lee’s desert terrain, mentioned in the article, can be found in the following two articles:
Bashing It Out – The Brighton Bash Tournament and Theming

The Settling Desert Dust… DAK! DAK! Go! Post Action TO Report



11 thoughts on “Shoot and Scoot Podcast – Episode 0

  1. Perhaps you could Point out where The different parts starts, and The different topic start?

    1. Hi Chris,

      We will be a bit more organised in the future – this was very much a first pass at getting something together.
      Thanks for listening – hope it was enjoyable-ish


    1. Thanks – next show should be discussing Free Nations in more detail, especially as Ben “I’m only going to buy the Star Trek expansions” Davy came back from Expo with a Canadian Leopard company…

  2. Great show !!

    Love the Team Yankee bit

    Love the Red storm rising ideas and the importance of scenery in it’s effect of the game and secondly the look.

    Look forward to more shows keep it up.

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