Shoot and Scoot Episode 8 – The year in review

Today we bring you another episode of Shoot and Scoot.  Ben and Lee had to take care of their respective kids so Duncan and Eddie are joined by fellow Breakthrough Assault writer (and chief cat herder), Mark Goddard.  Mark joins us from a tent in the desert* to look at the year in review and discuss the excitement that is the Late War Road-map to Berlin.

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00:00:00 – Introductions and baby induced apologies

00:02:00 – The year in review
  00:10:30 – “Osprey” releases in general
  00:13:30 – Fate of Four Gamers and “unsanctioned fun”

00:15:15 – Team Yankee; Free Nations, East Bloc, ADATS and Skeleton musicians.

  00:26:00 – Eastern Front, “flexible” plastics, Mark’s favourite east front lists and how Fez wants Tom Hanks against the wall…oo-er.

00:33:00 – 2019 and Late War laid out, starting with Hit the Beach
  00:45:00 – Explanation of Fortress Europe

01:01:00 – Upcoming 2019 events. FoaN at entoyment, Flames of Fez in Guildford, Corrivalry and Bun-in-Grad at Battlefield Hobbies

01:19:00 – Shoot and Scoot!

(*Or so he says. Given his arm of service the rest of us suspect he’s just erected one out of the silk sheets in his hotel room…)