Shoot and Scoot Episode 72 – The one where we don’t talk about green shirts

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot, the Flames of War and Team Yankee podcast, to talk about what they have been up to in “Faces, Bases, Something and Something”, discuss our recent games in “News From The Front”, talk Corrivalry prep in “Events” and answer our listener’s questions in “An Officer Answers”.

(Because Lee is an idiot, his mic is a bit echo-ey because he had it facing the wrong way…)

As always , you can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud, subscribe on iTunes or use the embedded audio below.  We are also now on Spotify and also Youtube, with an image augmented version of the podcast.

As always , you can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud, subscribe on iTunes or use the embedded audio below.  We are also now on Spotify and also Youtube, with an image augmented version of the podcast.

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Time stamps

Internet Famous

00:03:45 – We bring you an update on what’s going on with our patron content as we get our first exclusive videos.  Remember, Patrons get early access to the podcast and main videos as well as exclusive access to some behind the scenes action in the games, paining and unboxing outtakes.  Lee has used our ill-gotten gains to get a new mic which he then set up backwards so hopefully that will sound better on the next episode…

Faces, Bases, Something and Something

00:07:22 – Duncan has been painting ghosties.  Check them out on Breakthrough Assault Plays.
00:18:00 – Lee has been painting British Shermans and now is onto East German T-72.
00:24:42 – Eddie has been painting lots of things that aren’t his tornie army.

News From The Front

00:34:00 – Eddie has been playing a variety of games and all three of us had a Bocage evening in the barn.

An Officer Answers

01:15:21 – Andrew asks “Running demos of both FOW and TY at my historical gaming club. What do you recommend? My instinct is to go tank heavy with USA vs Germans and USA vs Soviets 50 points each. Maybe a small force of paratroopers for Flames and some BMP infantry for Team Yankee.”

01:20;15 – Lund- asks “What do you think about thematic mega games (one massive table for several players) work along side the tournament scene? Think about playing a massive weekend long battle instead of playing 5 comp. games.”

01:25:03 – Lack of Foresight Gaming asks “How do you each deal with hobby burnout?”

01:35:30 – Petter asks “What is the TL:DR of “the Adepticon Incident”

01:43:30 – Mike asks “is the ultimate answer to the Adepticon farce just to comp tournaments with Red on Blue and a simple sensible set of restrictions like “if you take that Italian light tank company supported by Finnish kit, you will be tarred, feathered and subjected to Duncan stripping you to the waist and delivering knife edge chops to your chest until you realise the error of your ways”?”

01:58:00 – Mr Taylor asks “When you play your large games at the barn, how do you structure the game in regards to points and missions/objectives?  I’ve seen pictures of large play areas in a long rectangle, in a big square, and in what looked to be a “W” shape.  What works best, and are there any resources available for getting started in big games?”

02:02:14 – Kyle Stop-Person asks “What are your favorite books/memoirs about WWII? bonus points for audiobooks so I can listen to them whilst waiting for the next episode of Shoot and Scoot.”

02:08:00 – Martin asks “Is BFs open approach to list building helping or hindering expanding the FoW player base.  Given the production difficulties should BF just stop making infantry models full stop?”

02:12:35 – Mike asks “I can’t help but feel that Team Yankee feels a bit homogenized compared to Flames of War. Stats are pretty much 100% the same across the book and it feels like there are no good wats to demonstrate fielding second like units or elite formations, Soviet Shock aside.  Will we ever get American National Guard units giving them a slight saving on their high end equipment? Where are all the elite infantry units, your Spetnaz and British SAS?”

02:16:25 – Petter asks “Ooh!  I know!  One more!! When will Battlefront release a compilation of all the lovely scenarios from the old books?”

02:18:30 – Fred Oz asks “What is worse in the Adepticon drama:

  1. that a veteran player got trapped by / used wrongly the rules to create an army (and thus the rules are so badly written or so easily turntable it does happen)
  2. That the illegal list was allowed to compete and won, without consideration for other players
  3. How poor and uninteresting MW is
  4. The whole BF handling the situation so badly by contradicting itself, deleting posts, claiming something wrong is right, and not even apologizing
  5. Obi wan Kenobi?”

02:20:30 – Lexi asks “Questions for all:
Adepticon: With the drama at adepticon, do you feel the problem lies within the list building for MW or the fact that there was a single person organizing the entire event? (If you think it’s neither of the above please detail)
State of the game(s):
Should Flames of War include more “Monsters” units or should the realm of “what if” be left to Team Yankee?
Duncan:not so much a question, but check out 16th Panzer Division rebuilt out of Bagration German paired with Dietrich Von Saucken. Take your favorite Tank Unit, and have Saucken babysit. Super fun way to play outside of the 116th grind.”

02:24:15 – Harry asks “Sorry fellas, another Adepticon based question ha. What would your go to anti mid war cheese list be? By that I mean one that can defeat a mass of armoured cars and few high end AT. All the PTRDs/molotovs? PS get well soon Lee!”

02:26:00 -Rafael asks “Just started a new army, Soviets for mid and late war. Any must haves for the army? And why are looted panthers so much better than the German ones?”

02:30:10 – Chris asks “Do you think with the recent controversy at Adepticon, that fow is in a healthy place?”


02:32:00 – We brief on upcoming events.

Shoots and Scootn (and Hidden Track)

02:34:00 – In honour of the Adepticon fiasco we scoot like we are a Finnish KV-1… and fail!

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