Shoot and Scoot Episode 71 – The One Where We Can’t Read The Room

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot, the Flames of War and Team Yankee podcast, to talk about what they have been up to in “Faces, Bases, Something and Something”, discuss our recent games in “News From The Front”, take a look at the new “WW3:Warsaw Pact” book and bring you news of upcoming events.

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Internet Famous

02:05 – We say hello to our latest patron.  If you want your chance to be internet famous then head over to our patreon and chuck us a quid a month.  Eddie now has a new mic!

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News From The Front

06:30 – Eddie has played a game.  “They’re justified and they’re Warhammer Ancients and they roam across the land.”

Faces, Bases, Something, Something

00:13:45 – Lee has got his first Sherman troop done and is onto his second.

00:16:20 – Eddie is painting Romans and bemoaning cost rises!

00:21:40 – Duncan is still assembling T-34

T-34 | T-34 assembly line, fall 1942. Turrets may be from UT… | Flickr

WW3: Warsaw Pact Review

00:26:30 – We take a look at the new WW3:Team Yankee book, discuss our thoughts on their trailer and wonder how we are going to upgrade our respective Warsaw Pact forces.


01:44:00 – We run through upcoming events.

Shoot and Scoot (and Hidden Track)

01:54:10 – We make like a Polish T-55 facing a M1A1 and “Shoot and Scoot”.

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  1. Congratulations in making the short list in the Little Wars TV !Oscars” or Caesars for best blog. Personally I’m amazed the Wargaming equal of Beavis and Butthead managed to find two podcasts better. Or is it any worse…

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