Shoot and Scoot – Episode 7

Its time for another Shoot and Scoot, and this week its brought a friend!

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First up, we have our “Out of Command” podcast as Duncan and Fez report on their dirty weekend at the “Warfare” show in Reading in the UK.   The chaps discuss how they did, the Tiger challenge, the importance of considering reserves, and how Fez is a war-gaming non-conformist.

Then, Ben, Duncan, Fez and Lee bring us Shoot and Scoot episode 7 as they discuss what they have been up to, Ghost Panzer and Red Bear, and answer the listeners’ questions. (Time stamps to follow)

They are both long episodes, but it should help while away a Christmas drive home!

We hope to get one more episode out before the New Year so stay tuned and happy listening!

2 thoughts on “Shoot and Scoot – Episode 7

  1. On the Shoot & Scoot episode one of the two protagonists reports on Churchills using the “Mad Tanks” card to automatically cross terrain, use “Follow Me”, and then assault.

    The card, however, requires the unit to use the “Cross Here” movement order so “Follow Me” would not be available to them…

  2. You gents were talking about Tea and Tanks I believe in the episode and I remember coming across this:
    “In 1946, the British Medical Research Council published “A Survey of Casualties Amongst Armored Units in Northwest Europe.” It found that 37 percent of all armored regiment casualties from March 1945 until the end of the war some months later were crew members outside their vehicles.

    Being confined to the inside of a tank was a smelly and claustrophobic experience. But the comforts of hot food and drink required open flames that weren’t compatible with the interiors of armored vehicles.

    The boiler vessel, first fitted to the postwar Centurion tank, changed that.”

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