Shoot and Scoot Episode 68 – The One Where Fez Escapes From The Dog House

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot, the Flames of War and Team Yankee podcast, to talk about what they have been up to in “Faces, Bases, Something and Something”, what we have been playing in “News from the front”, look at one of our patron’s lists in “rate my” and get ready for “DAK! DAK! GO!” 

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Internet Famous

00:02:05 – We walk about what our patrons get.

Faces, Bases, Something, Something

00:05:30 -We talk about what we are building and painting.  Eddie is going big, Duncan is going small and Lee is going to the desert.

News From The Front

00:28:30 – We talk about what we have been playing.  and by “we”, we mean Duncan.

Rate My

00:46:00 – Chris Jensen asked us to RATE MY LIST.COM “Hey Guys…I am going to start using an American Bulge Army I just finished and would like your thoughts on the list. Its an M18 Tank Destroyer Company 110 points. Let me know if you have any tweaks I should make. I wanted a mobile unit that can also play some shoot and scoot behind cover. Here is the list. Thanks

2 M20 with .50 cal

Core Formation
3 platoons of 4 M18 Hellcats – 12 total
1 Veteran Security section – 2 M20 with .50 cal and 1 jeep .50 cal

6 M7 Priest Artillery (re-roll saves)
1 Sherman OP
2 M26 Pershing Tanks
5 M5 Stuarts
1 Battle Weary Rifle Platoon, 7 M1 Garands, 1 Bazooka team”


01:04:15 – We introduce our new feature where we look at a rule that we previously misunderstood or just plain got wrong.

An Officer Answers

01:14:45 – Mr Taylor asks “What elements make for a good North Africa board? I noticed in the DAK book that BF had a lot of rocky, hilly, close terrain. While it looks good in a picture, would it make for a good board? What’s your favourite piece of North Africa terrain?”

01:19:30 – Petter asks “Why oh why must we wait until may to get the bulge German book?”

01:21:15 –  Roy asks “Couple of questions.
1. Sell me on the Chaffee.
2. I struggle to make the US ARP effective, especially in Mid War where if they go anywhere they struggle to dig in and for a big unit don’t actually have that many stands that can assault.”

01:24:45 – Geoff asks “For the historical minded list builder. Would you prefer in bigger games (100pt+ and larger than the standard 6×4 table) to double up light tank formations so you would have two companies/squadrons of light tanks OR sprinkle in more medium/heavy tank options within the formation/force? This isn’t about overwhelming a tournament opponent with a lot of AT5-7 and FP4/5. Think your friendly Barn games.”

01:28:45 – Kyle Stop-Person asks “Why does the TOG 2*, the longest of the tanks, not simply eat the other tanks? If a pack of them wandered into my shopping cart and onto my painting table, how do I use such a slow glass cannon effectively?”

01:32:10 – Joel asks “I recently shredded my opponents M60A1 force with ATGM from my BMP-2 motor rifle battalion. Are BMPs the most under-appreciated unit for Soviet or Pact players? or are M60s just that bad?”

01:34:43 – Scott asks “So who among you three is the better player? How about among the entire BTA staff?”


01:38:38 – We talk upcoming events and look forward to DAK! DAK GOES FOURTH!

Shoot and Scoot (and Hidden Track)

01:53:05 – We make like the Old Gang and call it a day.  Will we Shoot and Scoot.

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