Shoot and Scoot Episode 62 – The One Before Warfare.

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot, the Flames of War and Team Yankee (plus whatever catches our interest) podcast to talk about what we have been painting in “Faces, Bases, Something, Something”, rate our “Top 5 Shermans”, answer our Patrons’ questions in “An Officer Answers” and, finally, talk events.

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Internet Famous

00:02:15 – We say thanks to our latest patron!

Faces, Bases, Something, Something

00:05:00 – Duncan hasn’t been painting but has been assembling.

00:08:30 – Lee has finished off PzIV/70(V) and we go off on a tangent about crew sprues.

00:15:20 – Eddie has painted some Necromunda but still needs to finish off his Warfare force…

News From the Front

00:17:30 – Duncan has played a game!  Sadly it involved watching his T34 explode.

Top 5: Shermans

00:27:30 – No.5 – Eddie leads off with some rockets. Lee’s all at sea and Duncan has a beauty of an answer.


00:37:20 – No.4 – Eddie starts the round off with a bang, Lee brings flowers to the party and Duncan has a fan favourite.

00:50:25 – No.3 – Eddie takes it easy, Lee goes kosher and Duncan goes big.

00:55:40 – No.2 – Eddie digs in, Lee goes for a hybrid and Duncan goes Diesel.

01:00:15 – No.1 – Eddie goes DD, Lee goes old school and Duncan also went Kosher.

An Officer Answers

01:06:20 – Panzerlehr asks “With your discussion in Episode 61 about doing a “return to Mid War”, are there any fixes or house rules you would want to apply? Or, put another way, how many points should a Marder really cost?”

01:23:30 – Battleraizer asks “BF should do WWII aerial and naval battles as well, so we can have a 3-in-1 D-day / Pacific island battle events.  Maybe an opinion on what future stuff you wish to see BF do?”

01:24:30 – Alex asks “What’s next after late war? The schedule from forever ago had them do pacific mid war, I think. Any ideas on after that?”

01:29:10 – Panzerlehr also asks “A few from me: answer as many or as few as interest you! Recognising that you might either record after Warfare, or at least mix and release afterwards, what are your thoughts about the list of companies released? Does the balance between nations seem in a healthy place? (My gut feeling: probably okay.) And are there any surprises: any companies that seem either overrepresented or conspicuous by their absence?

01:33:00 – Andrew asks “Playing 2v2 Allies vs Axis, what two forces complement each other best? Which are worst? Germans and Hungarians together? Americans and Brits?”

01:38:20 – Geoff asks “Tank formation with Infantry support, or Infantry formation with Tank support. What is your go to for each of your major factions?”


01:42:30 – Warfare looms!  February will be Dak! Dak! Go!Corrivalry will be back in April too, Bun-O-Grad will be in May and ETC in August. 
If you have an event you want to publicise then let us know at or

Shoot and Scoot (and Hidden Track)

01:49:15 – Its time to Shoot and Scoot with another Dice of War custom dice.

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