Shoot and Scoot Episode 61 – The one where we fixate on Shermans

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot, the Flames of War and Team Yankee (plus whatever catches our interest) podcast to talk about what we have been playing in “News from the front”, put our thinking caps on for a listener inspired Bulge American “You and Whose Army” and, finally, answer our Patrons’ questions in “An Officer Answers”.

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Faces, Bases, Something, Something

00:01:55 – Duncan has been painting Soviets.
00:07:10 – Eddie has been assembling and painting Necromunda Gangers.
00:12:30 – Lee finished his 25pdr and started on some Spotty Flat Panzers.

News From The Front

00:16:46 – Duncan denies all knowledge of his game versus Lee so Eddie and Lee talk about their evening of games at the Barn, including a Pegasus Bridge mission and ponders an Afgansty bridge assault mission for TY.

These are the Gliders we talked about.

00:34:20 – Lee reminds Duncan of their game at Dice Saloon as Lee’s Panthers clashed with Duncan’s “Keith Flint” British list.

You and Who’s Army? – Listeners Bulge special

00:40:10 – Thanks to all our listeners who provided suggestions. We went with Scott’s suggestion of “How many different kinds of Shermans can you fit in your list?” but Eddie went with “how many Shermans” and came up with something uniquely… Eddie.

00:50:30 – Duncan and Lee present their solution to the question of “how many types”

00:57:50 – We look at the second list suggestion from Seb, “Best way to expand on your Hit the Beach US forces bringing them into the Bulge?” As Eddie already satisfied the question with his first answer, Duncan goes first.

01:04:19 – Lee then takes his own approach.

An Officer Answers

01:09:24 – We answer our listeners questions.


01:47:31 – We discuss the upcoming Warfare and Salute events as well as announce an upcoming event in Northern Ireland on the 28th November!

Shoot and Scoot (and Hidden Track)

01:49:40 – We roll to Shoot and Scoot with another Dice of War custom dice.

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