Shoot and Scoot Episode 60 – The one with the Sloppy Seconds

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot, the Flames of War and Team Yankee (plus whatever catches our interest) podcast to talk about what we have been playing in “News from the front”, discuss the new missions and Command Cards for the Bulge: American book, then put our thoughts into action with a Bulge American “You and Whose Army” and, finally, answer our Patrons’ questions in “An Officer Answers”.

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News From the Front

00:02:10 – Eddie played a game to playtest “Flames of ‘47” as ell as his new tactic for making US recce mortars work!

Bulge American Missions and Command Cards

00:09:10 – We take a look at the new missions in the back of the Bulge American book

00:32:45 – We take a deep dive into the command cards

You and Whose Army – Bulge American

01:48:15 – Duncan explains the rules of engagement as we focus on Bulge Americans

01:49:00 – Duncan goes first!

01:54:00 – Eddie goes next.

02:01:00 – Lee rounds out the section.

An Officer Answers – Patron edition

02:04:15 – Andrew asks “Can you give a breakdown on British paras and how you all like to run them effectively?”

02:07:15 – Darren asks “I imagine you have already told us all about which cards you like the best. Assume you are playing a German force in the inter-book period, i.e. before Bulge German arrives. Which card, or card combination, are you most concerned about facing with a DDay or Bagration list, and why?”

02:09:40 – Andrew asks “What would you like to see in the announced and forthcoming Warsaw Pact book for Team Yankee? We have East Germans, Poles, and Czechs; any chance they intro Hungarians, Romanians, or Bulgarians?”

02:11:00 – Chris asks “2 questions…
1st….Are you guys fans of the T27 Xylophone Rocket Launcher Battery? I have never used them but just preordered the new box. I love using my 6 Nebelwerfers with my Germans. Are they similar in stats? How would you use them in your army? Thanks guys…love the show
2nd….Not American Bulge related. When do you think we can expect to see King Tigers in future books? I just got my hands on a sealed box with a platoon of 3 metal/resin Konigstiger and want to use them.”

02:16:05 – Scott asks “I think the stats for US tanks is generally accurate from what I’ve seen. However the 90mm HVAP ammo was superior to the APCBC ammo of the KwK 43/L71 (PAK43) but was in short supply. Is there a command card to represent that ammo?”

02:16:56 – Jacob asks “What hope do German players have without their accompanying Bulge book to face off against the capitalist devils and their super shermans?”

02:18:30 – Martin asks “The real question is will Fez have actually read them?  I have a serious question for you to ponder on, should I inform BF before I take loads of screen shots of their YouTube videos before I post them all over the internet ?”

02:21:15 – Ben asks “


02:23:45 – We quickly round up the events for the months ahead.

Shoot and Scoot (and Hidden Track)

02:24:40 – We roll another Dice of War custom dice

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