Shoot and Scoot Episode 58 – The one where we are bulging with excitement.

As BF announce Bulge:Americans for November, Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot, the Flames of War and Team Yankee (plus whatever catches our interest) podcast to talk about what they have been up to in “Faces, Bases, Something and Something”, welcome our new patrons in “Internet Famous”, discuss their recent games in “News from the Front”, answer your questions in “An Officer answers” and announce upcoming events.

As always , you can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud, subscribe on iTunes or use the embedded audio below.  We are also now on Spotify and also Youtube, with an image augmented version of the podcast.

As always , you can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud, subscribe on iTunes or use the embedded audio below.  We are also now on Spotify and also Youtube, with an image augmented version of the podcast.

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Time Stamps

Internet Famous

00:01:50 – We say hello to our new patrons including what may be a side hustle by Ben Davy, our co-host of old and now over at Maximal Fire, the Adeptus Titanicus podcast.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

00:05:15 – We discuss the news that the Battle of the Bulge is finally imminent!  Bulge Americans will, much like Jumbos, lead the way.  We get excited about the announced releases (based solely off an announcement on the Flames of War page).

Faces, Bases, Something, Something

00:15:50 – Duncan has been painting Iranians!  Plus lots of Soviets and lots of mud!

00:20:55 – Lee has been painting 6pdr and their largely redundant tow vehicles.

00:26:55 – Eddie has been working away on some weird war 2 goodness with the 15mm Konflict 47 range for his “Flames of 47” project.

News from the front

00:35:55 – Lee and Eddie had a game of Fate of a Nation! 

00:46:00 – Duncan took his Iranians up against his friend Luke’s Brits in Team Yankee

An Officer Answers

01:04:50 – Roy asks on the Patron Discord “Couple of questions. What do you think if BF changed the rules to allow a simultaneous assault by the attacker e.g. you have two assaulting units attacking one defending unit. This would give you more bases to withstand any defensive fire. The reason I ask is I struggle to bring enough bodies to bare sometimes in assault. Second question, are weapons like Panzerschreck and Bazookas adequately represented in the rules. They are effective and work but end up being targeted and nullified. Would they be better with the limited rule to represent them being used by other troops in the platoon?”

01:15:10 – Scott asks on the Patron DiscordSince “Flames of War is dead”, what would be your go to game? Maybe Bolt Action, Battlegroup, or public drunkeness?”

01:17:44 – Scott asks “What if anything, in the new US Bulge book could end the Brit Recon + M10c lists reign of terror?”

01:19:58 – Petter asks “Will people be angry with me if I bring the 116 tiger combo to a tournament?”

01:21:18 – Ernst-Udo asks “Hello again, fellow saviours of mankind and the communist world. Team Yankee question in preparation for a tournament: Are you able to have Mil Mi-24 Hinds in ambush or not? And where did you find the pertinent rules?”

01:23:55 – Mike states “Speaking of Nuts!, that German soldier needs some new pants to better protect, um….. der Hodensack.”

May be an image of 1 person and standing

01:24:30 – Lack of Foresight Gaming asks “What are your battle of the bulge dream armies and how are you going to make them a reality this year?”


01:27:10 – Salute, Warfare and Dak Dak Go (in February 2022) are all on the horizon.

Shoot and Scoot

01:29:55 – Its time to shoot and scoot as we use another Dice of War dice. This one appears to be a custom job!

Look, Lee put all his skill points into tank and aircraft recognition, not bird spotting…