Shoot and Scoot Episode 45 – The one where its been a year since we last played at Dice Saloon

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot, the Flames of War and Team Yankee (plus whatever catches our interest) podcast to talk about what they have been up to in “Faces, Bases, Something and Something”, what we have been playing in “News from the front”, froth about the Bulge: American book and answer your questions in “An Officer Answers”.

Yes!  Events are back on the menu, boys!

As always , you can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud, subscribe on iTunes or use the embedded audio below.  We are also now on Spotify and also Youtube, with an image augmented version of the podcast.

As always , you can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud, subscribe on iTunes or use the embedded audio below.  We are also now on Spotify and also Youtube, with an image augmented version of the podcast.

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Time Stamps

Internet Famous

00:02:50 – We say hello to our latest patrons and bring news of a T-shirt give-away to celebrate our 20th patron.  If you want in on this, then become a patron before we record our next episode (Episode 46) and you could be pulled out of Eddie’s Fez.

Faces, Bases, Something, Something

00:07:10 – Eddie has played games with actual people!  Bubbles are involved.  We also discuss the Battlefront thermoplastic British Paratroops and add further to Eddie’s “Wheel of Hobby Progress” backlog.

00:25:25 – Duncan has abandoned all pretense of a schedule but is making hobby progress.


00:34:45 – Lee has been on a productive streak.  We also talk the plastic BRDM and its SA-9 option.

You and Whose Army

00:43:00 – Lee explains our newest patron, Cilla, query: I have 2 lots of the ww3 starter set soviets. Advice for building a list based off the t80s. Shock battalion yes or no? Also what’s the best soviet tank platoon size? I find bringing the large units to there full potential difficult so are min unit sizes viable?

Eddie makes his excuses.

00:46:00 – Duncan answers the T-80 company question by taking a BMP3 company.

00:52:33 – Lee ignores his own advice and tries a shock company anyway.

An Officer Answers

00:57:25 – Jacob asks “If its not to late, whats better as support to Team Yankee Canadians, West Germans Mirage, or American A-10”

01:00:00 – Andrew asks “At some point in the last year, one of you lamented that you can’t use captured vehicles in TY. Oils Wars has solved a little bit of that, but it got me thinking. In the 1980s there was a rumor that the East German Army had a Panzer Brigade 150 like unit of M48s and M113s captured by the (Vietnamese) NVA from the ARVN that had been shipped to Europe. If a war started, the (German) NVA would use them to do what Skorzeny’s units had hoped to do in 1944. The rumor was repeated in several Western books (Steven Zaloga’s great, in my opinion, Red Thrust being one of them). Perhaps not surprisingly, however, when the Cold War ended no such unit was discovered. It had all been a Western hallucination. But, the idea is pretty cool, and for non-tournament play I’ve begun assembling some M48s, M113s, and NVA infantry to recreate such a unit. My question is, what type of rules would be useful for this sort of unit? The old V3 Panzer Brigade 150 rules? Some other way to make this unit’s deceptive tactics playable on the tabletop? Or, am I potentially causing issues by introducing this idea to the game?”

01:05:10 – Nathan asks “Are soft skin transports ever worth it, given how fast infantry move, they just seem like an overpriced deathtrap?”

01:09:20 – William asks “Would it be possible to run a German FFH (Feldherrnhalle) list with the new Bagration book? Cheap Panthers, Panzer IV/70s, Panzersturm platoons in half-tracks and StG44s, all either reluctant trained or confident veterans?”

01:13:25 – Mike shouts “Cards on the table, this is further to a discussion earlier.
Who wins in a fight. The only operational Maus tank, OR, its weight in Semple Tanks and Concrete Lorries.
Show your working.”

01:16:55 – Geoffrey asks “Which forces do ya’ll think in BOTH the soviet aligned and nato aligned factions in the TY world work really well together? For example a leaf blower afghansti with Iranian chieftains? Or Israeli infantry formation with an American Cav formation?”

01:20:50 – Bill asks “What Soviet AA Combo do you like better in a 105 point list: Tunguskas and manpad Gremlins or Shilkas and Gaskins?”

01:25:00 – Brent asks “If you could make up a WW3 Firestorm style campaign, what would the setting be, the reason for the conflict, the factions involved, etc.? Aaand go!”

01:29:05 – Quentin asks “Hey gents, and Eddie, great job as always. My question is, if you were to make a Canadian-style big in Canada monument for Flames of war, what would it be? The ubiquitous panzer 4? The Iconic Tiger? A measuring tape, dice, or ….”

01:33:55 – Vick asks the somewhat personal question of “Are you a peg user or a magnet user? Why? Aggressively defend your stand.”

01:38:55 – Scott asks “3 different nationalities is easy in a Canadian list. Can you do 4?”

01:42:20 – Tony asks “Question do you review other rule sets? So for instance the ones covering the Marlborough period? If so what are views on tactics for these games?”

Remember, we also cover all kinds of periods and games at “Breakthrough Assault Plays”


1:44:40 – Events are back!  Battlefield Hobbies

1:47:40 – Reading Warfare 2021. We discuss what we are taking.

Shoot and Scoot (and hidden track)

02:04:20 – Its another custom dice from Dice of War as the honest, hard working, underclass of the Imperium get a dice.