Shoot and Scoot Episode 43 – The one where we forgot to write the subtitle.

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot to talk about what they have been up to in “Faces, Bases, Something and Something”, ponder Soviet Team Yankee lists in “You and Whose Army?” and answer your questions in “An Officer Answers”.

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Time Stamps

Internet Famous

00:01:55 – We say thanks to our newest patreons.

Faces, Bases, Something, Something

00:06:35 – Lee has been painting Hinds and experimenting with Mig shaders.

00:16:00 – Duncan has been painting Iranians and white-washed Soviet WW2 armour.

00:32:25 – Eddie has been building multiple tanks as well as touching up (snigger) early war British to satisfy the hobby wheel of focus!

00:38:10 – Its time for another “Hobby Wheel of Focus” as we find out what Eddie has to paint for this period before the next show.

You and Whose Army? Bill White McCarthy witch trial edition

00:44:10 – This show’s challenge was set by top fan and patreon, Bill White; “What do you think a 105 point TY Soviet list should include?”  We developed that into a “no hold’s barred” tornie list.

00:46:35 – Eddie, having been last to submit his homework, was made to go first.

00:56:10 – Duncan focused on the humble infantryman…and his missile spewing IFV mount.

01:05:40 – Lee went last and put his new Hinds to use.

An Officer Answers

As always follow us on facebook to have a chance to ask a question.

01:16:50 – Alex asks “Battlefront’s increase in prices is an elephant in the room that raises a few questions. Do budget armies work? How well would they stack up against a tailored list? Is MidWar still BestWar? (yes, the answer is yes)”

01:33:00 – Mike asks “What will come first? The Sgt Slaughter Heel turn with Iron Sheik special objective OR a restraining order for me?
Serious question though, In a bucket list of V4 releases, what’s the thing you want the most? AND IF ITS NOT EARLY WAR BEF AND FRENCH THEN WHY NOT.”

Do it BF!  You know it makes sense!  Sgt Major Pain and Steel Shah objective!

01:39:00 – Steven asks “I already have armies for FoW, Great war, Nam and TY but I have never played the Fate of a Nation time period, why should I start playing it? Could you also quickly tell me about the playstyles of the different FoaN nations?”

01:46:25 – Vincent asks “With my gaming group we love V4 and usually we like to play without house rules. But we also love planes so we made one small rule change to make them more interesting to play: they arrive automatically every turn instead of needing a 4+ to come onto the table.
It’s more fun for us since we can play with our flying toys every turns.
Any opinion about that?
Does your gaming group also has house rules you would like to share?”

01:52:15 – Rob asks “In Empire of the Sun how did Christian Bales character know it was a P-51 Mustang? Keep up the good work chaps!”

01:57:20 – Quentin asks “(FoW) What are the tactical considerations of laying out an infantry platoon in the defence? What basic layout options do you tend to employ?”

Apologies to Jacob as we missed his question.

Shoot and Scoot

02:08:25 – Its time to [redacted] as we dig deep into our bag of custom [redacted] from our sponsor Dice of War.  After last month’s [redacted] dice, it looks like the Holy Inquisition have come to give us a stern lecture on the dangers of heresy.

You have been very naughty…

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