Shoot and Scoot Episode 42 – The one with the answer to everything!

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot to talk about what they have been up to in “Faces, Bases, Something and Something” and answer your questions in “An Officer Answers”.

As always , you can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud, subscribe on iTunes or use the embedded audio below.  We are also now on Spotify and also Youtube, with an image augmented version of the podcast.

As always , you can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud, subscribe on iTunes or use the embedded audio below.  We are also now on Spotify and also Youtube, with an image augmented version of the podcast.

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Internet Famous

00:01:25 – We say hello to our latest patreons.  Apologies to Phil Stone, who was the patreon who, for some reason, Patreon was being all mysterious about and wouldn’t tell me who was signing up!

Jacob’s channel, Lack of Foresight Gaming, can be found here.

Faces, Bases, Something and Something

00:04:40 – Duncan has been painting points inefficient Iranians and working on some special Cobras.


00:13:35 – Lee has been painting Hinds and is getting ready to experiment with MIG Shaders.

00:17:40 – Eddie has managed an entire pre-v4 list!

An Officer Answers

00:49:30 – Darren asks: “Once you can play games again, what would you play first, if you could choose any era, point level, theme etc?”

01:02:50 – Cilla asks: I have a load of us marines from gung ho waiting for a paint job. Tips on painting them first and then list advice what would you use to run them atm. mid war/late war and any ideas on when specific Pacific stuff will be coming.”
Eddie looked at using the Mid-war US lists from Fighting First to do USMC here.

01:12:20 – Quentin asks: “Great job on the podcast, fellas. I hear you’re big in Canada…
Of all of the aspects of the hobby (painting, collecting, history, gaming, social, etc), which are the ones most important to each you?
Follow-up question: what creative ideas would each of you suggest for reinforcing these aspects of the hobby within a club?”

01:34:00 – William asks: “How would you establish a BF community in an area that doesn’t sell BF products and is a small gaming community in the first place (Fairbanks, Alaska, pop. est. 70-100K, nearest next city 360 miles away, also no BF community that I know of). I was hoping to maybe do demo games this summer, maybe make ads for the club I made… Arctic Theatre of Operations, to post in our local shop.”

01:46:10 – Alex asks: “If there was a command card that, if taken, forced your opponent to refer to you ONLY as, “Long-John ‘Fireball’ Mctavish” or else they concede the game, but it costs 5pts, would you take it?”

01:49:15 – Vincent asks: “What is the best airborne formation in Mid war and late war (totally subjective question here but feel free to argument if you have time) and why is it the brits?2nd question: am I weird if I want to collect them all, even if they are obviously cooler than Pokemons?”

01:56:20 – Vick asks “How much defenders do you have to kill before it is safe to assault?”

01:59:15 – Ernst-Udo asks “Lately I noticed that in Team Yankee / WW III there seems to be a disconnect between the real performance of Equipment and its performance in the game. How do you manage to separate the two and optimize the performance of your army in the game? Especially when like under present circumstances you have less of a chance to game? ( In other words, I am tired of loosing all the time 😉 HELP)”

02:10:50 – Luke asks: “Would like to ask you guys as you know the BF-games scene better than me. If I decided to publish hard copies of my rules (like “Alternative Armies of Europe/Africa/Asia” etc), do you think people would buy the book at all?
I’m thinking of writing more rules but I haven’t really seen anyone even using them in games or making/painting armies using my works.”

02:14:55 – Garth asks: “FoW mid war Italians, 8.8cm gun or lancia? And why? Can’t say both!”

02:18:45 – Patrick states: “Too many Hinds?!?!  There is no such thing, how dare you suggest it!”

02:22:20 – Steven asks: “If you could only keep one of your armies which one would you choose and why?”

02:25:25 – Jacob asks: “Thank you for the excellent advice last episode about defeating the armoured rifle rush. This time a Team Yankee question, is the T-80 shock company really worth taking over the higher numbers of the T-80 battalion?”

Shoot and Scoot (and hidden track)

02:27:15 – Its time to “shoot or scoot” as we draw once again from our bag of random Dice of War dice.  Today; Blood for the Blood God!