Shoot and Scoot Episode 41 – The one where we made it to the New Year!

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot to talk about what they have been up to in “Faces, Bases Something and Something”, ponder the airborne quandary in “You and Whose Army?”, and answer your questions in “An Officer Answers”, all whilst we prepare our emergency stockpiles for 2021.

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Faces, Bases, Something, Something

00:02:01 – Duncan brings us his Iranian update as well as working away on his WW2 Winter Soviets.

00:20:30 – Lee gets the Lynx effect.

00:26:45 – Eddie has been painting his housemate’s desk! Also some Pershings thanks to last episode’s spin of the Wheel ‘o’ focus.

00:43:35 – We spin the Wheel ‘o’ Hobby Focus -what will Eddie be painting between now and the next episode?

Internet Famous

00:49:30 – We introduce our new patreons!

You and Whose Army: Points from Above!

00:52:00 – Breakthrough Assault teammate Søren sets the problem we need to solve – Can we make a force based around a well-equipped airborne formation?
00:53:35 – Lee leads us off with British Airlanding infantry.
01:07:35 – Eddie jumps in with the FJ’s!
01:22:30 – Duncan goes All in for Americans with the 82nd.

An Officer Answers

01:39:15 – David asks “Starting my Hungarian team Yankee army. Can you recommend a list using principally T55’s. I have brought the soviet T80 Shock company box set as it is such good value and hopefully a good starting point. Perhaps T80s as soviet support to the mighty Hungarians?”

01:47:25 – Scott asks “1st question is why can’t you guys pronounce my name correctly? It’s an English name after all. 😉  2nd question is 4 Shilkas and 4 Gophers or 2 Tunguskas and 4Gaskins [better]?

01:54:35 – Bill asks “What are you spending the 5 cents a day I send you on? Do you have to share it with Ben and Adam now?”

01:56:35 – Alex asks “If all the 1 point vehicles were dropped into an arena to fight, who’d come out on top and why?”

02:03:35 – Jacob asks “How to beat US armoured rifle rushes? Asking for a friend.. XD”

02:08;20 – Malcolm asks “Do you think the Soviets are ever going to get another helicopter, possibly one with hunter-killer? Do you think it will be in the new Warsaw Pact book?”

Mil-28 – Two in the front, three in the back.  Wait…

02:14:10 – Roy asks “What is all the hype for the M18 Hellcat?”

02;17:30 – Dragutin asks “Who would win? A M1A1 or 200 T-34/85’s?”

Well the T-34 is painted so it gets a morale victory at least.

Shoot or Scoot (and hidden track)

Its time to “shoot or scoot” as we draw once again from our bag of random Dice of War dice.  Today; 8th Armoured Brigade are in the house!

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