Shoot and Scoot Episode 40 – The one where we get the band back together!

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with in a somewhat chaotic episode of Shoot and Scoot as Ben and Adam from the old Beyond the Foxholes* podcast join us!  We discuss what we have all been working on in “Faces, Bases, Something, Something”, salivate over the Battlefront 2021 releases in “Loose Lips Sink Ships”, before we finally face the two podcasts off in an end of year quiz!

(We’ll just quietly ignore the fact that Ben was in the original Shoot and Scoot line-up and both Lee and Eddie appeared on Beyond the Foxholes back in the day).

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Internet Famous

00:01:51 – We say hello to our new backers!  Head over to if you want in on that action.

Face Bases Something Something

00:04:00 – We talk about what we have been building and painting since the last episode.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

00:24:10 – We talk about the Battlefront 2021 preview.

End of Year Quiz!

00:56:20 – We pit the two Podcast teams against one another over four rounds of inane questions; “Tanks, but no Tanks!”, “Military Operation or 80s Hair Metal Band”, “Faster than a Speeding APCBC Round” and “Military Operation or Ikea Furniture range”

Shoot and Scoot (and Hidden Track)

01:39:12 – We take another Dice of War custom dice and attempt to Shoot and Scoot.

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