Shoot and Scoot Episode 39 – The one where Christmas is banned.

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot to talk about what they have been up to in “Faces, Bases Something and Something”, discuss the new Bagration: Germans, answer your questions on the book in “An Officer Answers”, all whilst we count down to Christmas.

As always , you can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud, subscribe on iTunes or use the embedded audio below.  We are also now on Spotify and also Youtube, with an image augmented version of the podcast.

As always , you can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud, subscribe on iTunes or use the embedded audio below.  We are also now on Spotify and also Youtube, with an image augmented version of the podcast.

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Faces, Bases, Something and Something

00:02:00 – Duncan brings us his episodic update on his Iranians and says hi to our GCHQ assigned case officer.


As Fez mentions, if you need 3D printing services, we recommend:

00:09:50 – Lee has been continuing with his ’85 Brits

00:12:10 – Eddie has been building away

00:21:20 – We say hello to our first Patreons

00:22:20 – We look forward to 2021 gaming at Dice Saloon and a big Team Yankee game in, friend of the show, Mike’s barn.

Richie Rich!

26:30:00 – Duncan explains the rules – make the most expensive two formation TY and WW2 list you can!

00:31:00 – Eddie leads off the TY madness.  Lee takes it to a higher level and Duncan throws a curve ball.

00:49:00 – Lee leads off WW2 with a surprise choice of sides.  Duncan goes MW.

Bagration German discussion

01:03:45 – We review the new book and command cards.  There’s a lot to discuss and we cover all the new units and possible uses.

An Officer Answers – Bagration German edition

02:26:17 – Nicholas asks “In the previous edition (Grey Wolf) 3rd SS was fearless veteran, and 5th SS was fearless trained. The question I have is: will they be careful or stupid (aggressive)? Also, are the 5th SS getting their Panzer Canone rules again? It’s what makes panthers worth their cost.”

02:29:22 – Coxer asks “Which unit in the book is least likely to see the table top and why is it the StuH?”

02:30:00 – Bjarne asks “What cool formations are we going to get and which new command cards?”

02:30:20 – Matt asks “How do you think German Bagration forces will stand up out of theatre, against Western Allied forces?”

02:31:20 – Ben asks “How big should the pile of shame be? Or is the answer always “bigger”?”

02:33:00 – Stanten asks “Will we see options to take 3rd and 5th SS units? I don’t believe I saw an option for a token set so I’m gonna go ahead and assume no.”

02:33:55 – Weiss asks “Come the 78th Assault Division and the Panzerwerfer 42 come back and how many are there when they come?”

02:35:25 – Regan asks “Is it competitive versus the very strong Bagration: Soviet book?”

02:38:30 – Peter asks “Will we get SS pioneers? And how should I assemble them?”

02:39:10 – Dalan asks “Will the Germans make use of captured tanks in numbers greater than 1?”

02:3930 – Dan asks “Will we get cheaper tanks with lower skill (i.e., comparable to stats/points found in Bagration captured tank options)?”

02:40:40 – Dave asks “How are the Panzer IV/70 integrated into the book? New plastic kit shown off?”

02:40:59 – Scott asks “Is the GD Division in the book and a resurgence of the Luftwaffe?”

02:40:32 – Top Fan, William asks “Does Carius make an appearance, if so what does he do and how much does he cost?”

02:42:20 – Dominik asks “Will there be something better than the 2 x spammed infantry company from 116 panzerdivision XD ?”

02:44:20 – Jean asks “Does the 4.Pz Div get a Pz II Ausf L coy , unlike the 9.Pz DIv in the D-Day book?”

02:44:37 – Lucas asks “Which new infantry formations do we get? Anything of particular note?”

02:44:50 – Leigh asks “Will there be some SS formations in the new book?”

02:45:05 – Florent asks “What are the new units?”

02:45:25  – William gets another one in and asks “What’s the cross check on the Hetzer?”

02:46:03 – Vincent asks “Is this book compatible with D-Day German (in other words: can I add Marder/Hornisse/Hetzer to my FJs?)”

02:47:20 – Nathan asks “Will there be a greater proliferation of panzerfausts for the Germans? If the Soviets can have up to 2 per sapper unit, surely all German infantry should be as well supplied, right?”

02:47:45 – Steven asks “What do you guys like most about the book?”

Shoot and Scoot (and hidden track)

02:48:45  – We talk about the upcoming Christmas Special where Shoot and Scoot take on Beyond The Foxholes in a pub quiz and we take another Dice of War dice and attempt to Shoot and Scoot.