Shoot and Scoot Episode 37 – The one where we are on different continents

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot to talk about what they have been up to in “Faces, Bases Something and Something”, work out the Panther Problem in “You and Whose Army?” and answer your questions in “An Officer Answers”, all whilst Fez is stalked by Wild Turkeys…

All they found later were the mangled bikes…
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Faces, Bases, Something, Something…

00:01;55 – Duncan brings us a Basij bulletin as he continues his Iranian force and discusses his future army plans (hint, it involves thermobarics)

00:11:45 – Lee has been continuing his Gulf War Brit force.

00:15;15 – Eddie has made an emergency state side hobby purchase and has some British infantry!

You and whose army? The Panther Problem

00:30:00 – Duncan lays out the rules for this episode’s challenge; 100pts of late war Germans based around a Panther formation.  We discuss the merits and demerits of the Panther as a tank.

00:36:30 – Duncan goes all in and leads with an SS Panther Company

00:44:35 – Fez went with stock D-Day Germans

00:54:45 – Lee let’s the dogs out and combines the Greyhound card with D-Day Panthers

An Officer Answers

01:07:40 – Sebastian asks “How do you solve the soviet artillery puzzle for 100 points? The in-formation 2S1 Carnations still seem like an auto include but where do you go from there?”

01:10:40 -Adam asks “Once you go full Basij where does one go from there? Does life cease to have meaning having reached the pinnacle?”

01:11:30 – Craig asks “Are either of you looking forward to the release of the minor Axis allies next year?”

01:14:20 – William asks “Do you have a gaming problem if you drive ten hours for a tournament?”

01:16:30 – William asks “What’s next for Lee John Parnell after the TY Soviets?”

Shoot and Scoot

 – We have some new dice.  Adam of Dice and War has sent us a big bag of mostly custom dice to look forward to!

At least its not a Turkey…

A final word…

The Shoot and Scoot team have been talking about various projects we want to try and we are launching a paetron to support that. Right now there is just a single tier to show your support for the podcast and help us fund some better equipment.

Over 2021 we have plans to try other side projects such as unboxing videos, battle report videos and a secondary podcast covering other systems.  That may lead to higher tiers with exclusive content or we may just keep just a single “open” tier for support with free content.  Either way, this podcast will remain free and hosted as part of Breakthrough Assault.

If you want to show your support for what we do with the podcast then head over to and consider chucking us a £1 a month to fund some better mics and the like.


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